Were Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad Really Feuding on ‘Laguna Beach’?

Former MTV stars Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad shared what went down while they filmed Laguna Beach

Fans of the Orange County-based show first met Cavallari, Conrad, and their high school friends when Laguna Beach premiered in 2004. Almost two decades later, the feud between Cavallari and Conrad remain on their viewers’ minds, as it wasn’t clear which parts of the rift was real or staged. The now-infamous feud between the two started in the first season of Laguna Beach when Cavallari was dating Conrad’s close friend, Stephen Colletti. 

Lauren "LC" Conrad and Kristin Cavallari introduce INXS's performance
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Kristin Cavallari says she’s still ‘triggered’ by how producers treated her and Lauren Conrad

When Laguna Beach aired its first episode on September 28, 2004, viewers watched Orange County high school students’ real lives. The show starred and narrated by Conrad, who had a close relationship with Colletti. As the cameras kept rolling, one of the main storylines was a love triangle between Conrad, Colletti, and Cavallari. In the first episode, “A Black and White Affair,” viewers watched as Cavallari and Conrad glared at each other from across the room in several scenes. The show’s episode resulted in an infamous feud that launched Conrad and Cavallari’s careers. 

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On October 23, 2020, the Season 1 cast of Laguna Beach had a virtual reunion to encourage others to vote. After spending the beginning of the video catching up with Cavallari, Conrad, Colletti, Lo Bosworth, and more, Conrad and Cavallari’s storyline was at the forefront. When the reunion’s moderator asked Cavallari about her past issues with Conrad, she admitted that the show’s editing team exaggerated a lot of the feud. She also shared that she’s still “triggered” by some edits that made it into the show. 

“There was one time that they had me walking down the street — they had a producer on the other side of the street and they were, like, ‘Just look at her,’” Cavallari explained. “She was, like, giving me these dirty faces and I’m, like, ‘Oh, my God, look at her!’ Of course, they made it seem like I was looking at Lauren being like, ‘Oh, my God.’ We had no idea what was going on!”

Kristin Cavallari says she and Lauren Conrad are ‘totally fine’ today

After more than a decade on reality television, both Cavallari and Conrad said they now understand that their high school feud brought their MTV show ratings. During an appearance on On The List podcast with Brett Gursky, Cavallari confirmed that she and Conrad have moved on from their early disagreements. She said they’re both at different places in their lives and have nothing to beef about today.

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“(We’re) totally fine. I think so much time has passed and what we went through was so silly, and it was so high school; I’m pretty sure we’re both over it at this point,” Cavallari said of Conrad. 

Neither Kristin Cavallari nor Lauren Conrad is on reality TV now

Laguna Beach ended in 2006 after three seasons on MTV. After appearing in its first two seasons, Conrad received her spinoff of Laguna Beach, The Hills. Conrad left The Hills after five seasons and was replaced by Cavallari as its star. Once she left the series, Conrad became an author, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. 

Conrad confirmed she is “good” with her current life at the reunion and won’t return to reality TV. Cavallari also said her career in unscripted television for now after a brief return. She canceled her show on E!, Very Cavallari, in May 2020 following her divorce from Jay Cutler after three seasons. 

“I feel like I was just on reality TV. I just ended my show a few months ago. So I did (return), so that’s a yes,” Cavallari said when asked if she would do a reality show again.