Were LeToya Luckett and Latavia Roberson Ever on Bad Terms With Their Destiny’s Child Group Members?

We’ve come across many chart-topping girl groups over the years but one that will always hold a special place in our hearts is the incomparable and all-around amazing Destiny’s Child.

Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson danced and sang their way to the top after landing a record deal with Colombia Records and it was clear early on that nothing was going to stop them from reaching ultimate fame.

Destiny's Child
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However in 2000, Luckett and Roberson found themselves out of the group and watched from behind as their bandmates achieved stardom without them.

Luckett and Roberson were kicked out of the band in 2000

Long before Beyoncé was the Queen Bey, she was one fourth of the R&B girl group, Destiny’s Child. The band first came onto the music scene back in 1998 and delivered hit after hit the minute they were formally introduced to the world.

Fans loved everything about this group and many were convinced from the beginning that Bey, Rowland, Roberson, and Luckett has a very bright future ahead of them.

So, you can image the complete and utter shock fans felt when the “Say My Name” music video premiered and two of the original band members were no where to be seen.

Everyone— even Luckett and Roberson— was left in a state of confusion when this happened and while no formal announcement was ever made, it was clear at the moment that these two women had officially been replaced.

While no one was really sure why Luckett and Roberson got booted from the band, it was eventually revealed that their difficulties with Matthew Knowles caused their time in the band to come to an unexpected end.

Before their dismissal from the group, the women accused Knowles of not paying them equally and demanded new management. As a result, Knowles kicked them out of the band and found two other girls to take their place.

A few years after this whole situation went down, Luckett admitted that the breakup was hard on her as it took a lot for her to move past the sisterhood she built with her bandmates.

“There was nothing at the time that I could do about it,” she said while appearing on a 2017 episode of The Book of John Grey. “Did it hurt? Absolutely. Because we were friends. I went to school with these girls.”

“It was just so cool to experience something like that at such a young age,” she continued. “But that decision was made…we were sisters.”

Roberson and Luckett recently reunited with their former bandmate

After being replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin, Roberson and Luckett sued Knowles and their former bandmates for breach of partnership and fiduciary duties.

Towards the end of 2000, the two women dropped the portion of their lawsuit aimed at Rowland and Knowles in exchange for a settlement—they had to stop talking bad about them in the media— but continued the action against their former manager.

With all of this drama having taken place, many of us were convinced that the close friendship these four women established was over for good.

Destiny's Child
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While we were expecting bad blood to still be pretty evident between the former bandmates,—especially Knowles, Ronerson, and Luckett— the women recently put this rumor to rest.

In September 2018, Luckett made headlines when she attended Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run II concert in Texas.

Though communication between Bey and LeToya had fallen off over the years, it was like time hadn’t passed when they reunited backstage.

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“That was such an awesome moment,” Luckett told John Grey. “There was so much joy in that room. She went into straight mommy mode as far like ‘Oh my god. What’s she doing? Is she doing this, is she doing that?’ And I was showing them my sonogram pictures and everything. She was just so excited. We’re both very, very happy, and you could feel the love in the room. There wasn’t a lot of people in the room. It felt like it was just us, chatting it up.”

A week after Luckett reunited with her former Destiny’s Child bandmate, Roberson got in on the action and also stopped by to catch up with Beyoncé while she was on tour.

“It was so wonderful sharing a laugh and spending time with my FRIEND of 30 years…..hadn’t seen Bey in 18 yrs,” the singer captioned a photo of herself, her mother, and the superstar enjoying each other’s company backstage.

They never had major issues with their bandmates, just management

Despite what other people might think Roberson and Luckett have always had love for their former bandmates and never had any ill-feelings toward them.

While it definitely hurt to be kicked out of a group they helped build, the women never held Kelly and Beyoncé responsible for what happened to them.

“It was very difficult. I’m pretty sure that it was difficult for all of us — because we were young,” Roberson told People back in 2016. “My issue was always with the management; it was never with the girls.”

“I believe that nothing in life has happened in vain,” she continues. “I believe that things happen for a reason, and there’s nothing but love on my end.”