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The Last Jedi was a divisive film among Star Wars fans, but most fans agree that there were plenty of great things to like about it.

Like most Star Wars films, the action scenes were generally praised by fans, but they weren’t the only well-received scenes in the movie. Star Wars is many things, and while the force and lightsabers play a big role in the universe, the aliens also are a big part of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars has always been full of weird and strange alien creatures, and The Last Jedi was no different in that regard. Here’s a look at why Star Wars fans loved the Fish Nuns in The Last Jedi.

Who were the ‘fish nuns’ in ‘The Last Jedi’?

Director Rian Johnson
Director Rian Johnson | Christopher Jue/Getty Images for Disney

One of the main stories in the sequel trilogy had to do with Luke Skywalker and his disappearance. As Rey finds out, Luke exiled himself on Ahch-To, which is an isolated planet that’s home to an ancient Jedi temple. 

Ahch-To wasn’t a desolate planet however, and it was teeming with life. Of course, the porgs were part of the ecosystem on Ahch-To, but there were also the weird-looking creatures on the island that dressed like nuns. Fans have come to affectionately call them “fish nuns,” but they are actually called Caretakers.

Like their name implies, their job is to take care of the island and any visitors who come by. As such, they didn’t take kindly to all the shenanigans that Luke and Rey were up to when they were on the island.

That said, they’re not all Caretakers, and their species are actually called Lanai. In a deleted scene in The Last Jedi, the Fish Nuns are even shown partying with other Lanais who work as fishermen.  

‘Star Wars’ fans thought the Caretakers were a good kind of weird

Like Star Wars fans on Reddit said, one of the reasons why many fans thought that the Fish Nuns were great creatures was because of how weird they are. Visually speaking, the Fish Nuns just looked completely alien, since they looked like fish people. 

At the same time though, the Fish Nuns had a very mundane job, and that made them seem kind of normal despite being fish people. The Fish Nuns in The Last Jedi were always just doing regular chores like cleaning things up and repairing stuff.

They never did anything strange despite looking so strange. 

As a result, many Star Wars fans said that this weirdness was very similar to the weirdness in the other Star Wars movies. For example, in A New Hope, Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi enter a cantina and they see a bunch of weird-looking aliens doing regular things like playing jazz music.

One fan even said that The Last Jedi, “did a really good job of capturing the weirdness of Star Wars.”

The Fish Nuns were also hilarious


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A common complaint about The Last Jedi was that not all of the jokes landed, but for many Star Wars fans, the jokes involving the Fish Nuns almost always landed.

For example, one of the funnier scenes in the movie happened when Rey was training with her lightsaber. 

Rey hits the rock she was training on a bit too hard and she cuts it off. The rock falls off a cliff and it completely destroys a wheelbarrow that two Fish Nuns were pushing along. The Fish Nuns had a very funny look on their faces, as they couldn’t believe what had just happened. 

There were other funny scenes involving the Fish Nuns, but suffice to say, Star Wars fans generally liked them all. As a result, some Star Wars fans think that they were the best part of the movie, and a few fans even want a sequel featuring the Fish Nuns.