Wes Anderson’s Films Ranked? Fans Shared Their (Surprising) Favorite as ‘The French Dispatch’ Rolls out

Wes Anderson’s films ranked” reviews rolled out as The French Dispatch premiered. Reviewers seem to be in agreement that The Grand Budapest Hotel is the top Anderson film, but not all fans agree. A few surprises and typically lower-ranked Anderson movies popped up as a favorite on Twitter, which proves that trying to rank a Wes Anderson movie is a little like trying to choose between your kids.

‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’ ranked as the top Wes Anderson’s films for some fans

While many fans voiced their love of The Grand Budapest Hotel on Twitter, quite a few others leaned into The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou as being a favorite. The film, starring Bill Murray (of course) is about a Jacques Costeau type seafarer determined to take down a shark who made a meal out of his buddy.

Wes Anderson's films ranked became a fan and reviewer topic of conversation as The French Dispatch premiered
Wes Anderson’s films ranked became a fan and reviewer topic of conversation as The French Dispatch premiered | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

A sampling of those who loved this movie shared how the film became their conduit to other Anderson works. “After Bottle Rocket, every time I watch a new Wes Anderson movie I think, that wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be. Then I watch it a second time and love it more than the last. Life Aquatic may be my favourite though,” one fan tweeted.

Another person wrote, “Yes my favorite Wes Anderson movie is the one about a whale and yes I’m gonna watch it today.” Also, “I think The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou might be my favorite Wes Anderson movie.”

Plus this: “I love Wes Anderson movies (Life Aquatic is my favorite) but I do wonder how well he can render quirky, humanist surrealism in our current surreal climate. I’d be skeptical.”

Other fans shared how their personal experiences and preferences influenced their Wes Anderson film rank

Because movies sometimes inspire memories, some fans shared that they loved a certain Anderson film because it reminded them of a special time in their life. “One of my favorite dates with Gav is seeing Wes Anderson movies when they come out, our first date was to see Moonrise Kingdom,” a fan shared.

Others appreciate the acting nuances in all of Anderson’s films. “My favourite thing about Wes Anderson movies is that you have a 98% chance of watching an actor you admire do a silly little run,” one person observed.

“So excited for the new Wes Anderson movie. My favorite part is when the characters look at stuff, then look at each other, then look at stuff. Such whimsy,” another person shared.

Wes Anderson film fans are fierce and have their own favorites

Anderson’s portfolio is so vast, just about everyone has a favorite. Quite a few honored his stop motion work. “My favourite Wes Anderson movie would be Isle of Dogs,” one person shared. Another person added, “Toronto please! Favourite Wes Anderson movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox!”

“If your favorite Wes Anderson movie is moonrise kingdom, I don’t trust you,” one person tweeted.

Overall most fans eagerly anticipated Anderson’s newest masterpiece. “I really wanna go and see The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson, it seems like it’s destined to be another classic of his Anderson is also one of my favourite directors, watching his movies is like watching a great artist like Van Gogh at work, simply mesmerizing,” a fan shared.

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