‘Westworld’ Season 3: Is Charlotte Hale Really Teddy?

In the last season of Westworld, it became clear that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Ford (Anthony Hopkins) could make robotic clones of any human. After killing the very human Charlotte Hale (Tess Thompson), Dolores made a host copy, which is now helping her conquer the real world. But some fans think that Dolores may have put her beau Teddy’s consciousness inside Charlotte’s host body.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Westworld season 2 and the premiere episode of season 3.]

Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson | John P. Johnson/HBO

Teddy has always been Dolores’ true love on ‘Westworld’

In the first two seasons of Westworld, it was clear that Dolores and Teddy (James Marsden) were connected on a deeper level. It could be argued that the two were programmed to fall in love, but whatever the reason and no matter what happened, they always found a way back to each other. 

Throughout season 2, a self-aware Dolores tried to help Teddy see past his programming. She ventured around the park, killing who she needed to. But Teddy wasn’t comfortable with Dolores’ vengeful mission and methods.

In the penultimate episode of season 2, Teddy tells Dolores that she turned him into a monster. She insists she did it all for his survival, and just when she thinks he’s going to shoot her, Teddy kills himself, leaving Dolores shocked and in tears. 

“I could never hurt you Dolores,” Teddy says just before pulling the trigger. “I’ll protect you until the day I die. I’m sorry, I can’t protect you anymore.” 

Dolores took Teddy’s brain bulb in the Season 2 finale 

In the season 2 finale, Dolores lays with Teddy’s dead body and then takes out his brain bulb. Then at the end of the episode, she leaves Westworld in Charlotte’s body. But in her purse, she is carrying five bulbs, one of which could belong to Teddy.

Considering how much she loved him, it would make sense for Dolores to keep his brain and upload it to another host. And as seen in the season 3 premiere, Charlotte is one of the hosts helping Dolores.

So, it is possible that Dolores implanted Teddy’s mind into Charlotte’s body. In a sneak peek of the new season, there’s a clip in which Maeve (Thandie Newton) asks Charlotte who she really is.

“Who did she put inside you?” asks Maeve, “Is that you in there Teddy?” Then the clip cuts to a scene where Dolores and Charlotte are in bed, spooning. 

Some ‘Westworld’ fans are convinced Teddy is still alive in Charlotte’s body

The scene from the trailer has some fans convinced that Dolores made a copy of Teddy’s mind and uploaded it to Charlotte. One Reddit fan pointed out that Dolores had her father, Peter, and Teddy’s bulbs with her in the season 2 finale. They also think she uploaded her dad’s mind to the Valley Beyond and put Teddy’s into Charlotte’s host.

“So when Dolores/Charlotte are waking up Bernard at the end of the season, it’s Dolores in her body and Teddy in Charlotte Hale’s body,” wrote the Reddit user. “Who else would Dolores be spooning with in Charlotte’s body? She’s only been intimate with two characters in the series, Teddy/William. It’s unlikely she somehow yoinked William’s ‘mind’ and put it into Hale’s body — The obvious answer seems to be Teddy.”

The user also noted that Charlotte’s behavior is a lot like Teddy’s from season 2. “She seems to be much more oriented towards weapons and acting as Dolores’ lieutenant of sorts, a place that Teddy held inside Westworld during the uprising,” they added. “She’s also seen running and gunning, and her general way of acting seems to be more manly in a sort of way.”

With all the curveballs Westworld throws, it’s hard to be certain about anything. But, hopefully, as the season continues to unfold, fans will finally find out who’s inside Charlotte’s host.