What Are Kate Middleton’s Favorite Alcoholic Beverages?

As a royal, Kate Middleton’s life is controlled by rules and protocol. She is constantly being photographed, both by the press and by her own staff. That means all her public actions are set up essentially as photoshoots. She’s constantly aware of what she’s wearing and doing, and how it might be perceived. 

But she still sometimes cuts loose. And when she does, it’s usually with an alcoholic beverage in hand.

Kate Middleton enjoys Guinness

Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Every Saint Patrick’s day, Kate can be spotted with a pint of Guinness in her hand. Fans think that she enjoys the beverage, but other sources say she actually doesn’t like beer at all. 

Kate may be more of a wine drinker according to royal insiders. In fact, the royal couple didn’t even serve beer at their wedding. However, she’s been spotted pulling a pint more than once, which makes fans think she may have developed a pension for Guinness, if not all beer. 

She drank a pint of Guinness in Ireland, when she and Prince William visited the country on royal tour. Prince William enjoys a pint himself. He’s much more of a beer drinker than his wife. He’s been spotted on multiple occasions with a cold one in a pub, usually watching sports.

All in all, it seems like the couple is pretty normal when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

It could be that sometimes the royals, including Kate, use alcoholic drinks as a way to seem more normal. 

Kate Middleton may use alcoholic beverages to make her more relatable 

All the royals try to seem more ‘normal’ and relatable to the public. Their lifestyle is so different from everyone else’s, it’s not always an easy thing to do. Kate and William are two of the more relatable royals, and Kate’s indulgence in a pint is a part of that.

The couple is very humble, and don’t often show off their wealth. That includes taking commercial flights and being seen doing mundane things like dropping the kids off at school. 

Since insiders say Kate enjoys wine and cocktails more than beer, it’s interesting that she’s usually holding a pint in photos of her public outings. It could be that Kate purposefully grabs a beer when she knows cameras are going to be snapping pictures of her. Beer is very popular in the UK, and so it looks more relatable than a glass of wine.

Interestingly, when she went on royal tour to Germany she didn’t opt for any famous German beer. It could be that she wasn’t trying as hard to appeal to the German public, she decided not to drink something she doesn’t really like. At home, however, she goes for Guinness to appeal to the British people. 

Is Kate Middleton the only royal who likes a pint?

Kate is absolutely not the only royal who has a drink or two to unwind. There have been rumors out there for a while that the queen drinks four cocktails a day. While that is apparently untrue, she does enjoy a glass of wine with dinner often, although not every day. 

When she wants something with a little more kick, the queen likes gin and Dubonnet. Unlike Kate, she’s rarely seen drinking a pint. Prince Harry is another story, however. He likes beer, and he’s been seen at pubs with Meghan Markle enjoying a cold one.

Meghan herself prefers red wine. In fact, her former lifestyle blog was named after an Italian red wine. The Tig was short for Tignanello, which is an Italian blended wine.