What Are Some Crazy Reasons Crew Gets Fired on a Superyacht Like on ‘Below Deck?’

Rhylee Gerber | Rhylee Gerber Intagram

Part of the Below Deck excitement is the drama. But also finding out who messes up so badly they get fired. Thus far both Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Mark Howard have canned crew members. And it is always for a good reason.

Often, fans wonder what took the captains so long to fire some crew members. Although, Rosbach quickly fired deckhand Dane Jackson after he got drunk. And became belligerent with the crew. Howard also had to fire a crew member who could not stop making Instagram memories and fell for a charter guest. Thus far, Captain Sandy Yawn, while in the cusp of firing a few crew members, has yet to lower the boom.

While those who get the dreaded “plane ticket home” are almost always justified, not all captains do their due diligence like those on Below Deck. Real life yachties and crew members reveal some of the craziest reasons why a crew member is let go. And these stories make it look like the Below Deck captains are very tolerant.


A number of female deckhands are featured on Below Deck. Plus, the show this season introduced viewers to second stew Josiah Carter. The crew on the show never seems to take issue with a cast member’s gender when it comes to doing the job. However, this isn’t always the case in the industry.

One seasoned deckhand and stew posted on Dockwalk that she was replaced with a man for the job. “I and a colleague worked both as deckhands on a sailing yacht and shared the stew position when the owner came on,” she wrote. “Now the captain wanted to hire a full time stewardess and I was let go in favour of the physical ‘stronger’ male deckhand.”

The linens

Below Deck | Below Deck Instagram

Below Deck stews and deckhands seem to be obsessed with laundry and keeping towels and linens in ship shape. In fact, bosun (former?) Chandler Brooks flies off the handle with deckhand Rylee Gerber. He finds a “dropped” towel in the pile for guests and loses it. Keeping towels and table linens in top-notch condition is important. But some crew members were fired for some pretty bizarre reasons.

One crew member told Dockwalk about a stew being canned for two “hideous” offenses. “I replaced a stewardess who got fired for these horrible offenses: 1) using only white cocktail napkins, and 2) hanging up wet towels (rather than drying them in the dryer).” The crew member adds this was only on an 80-foot sailboat, not a 200-foot superyacht.

Well, this is just insane

Sure, people have their idiosyncrasies but some crew members are fired for outright crazy reasons. One crew member fell victim to an OCD boss. Because he had the gall to open a “brand new bag of frozen green beans when there was an entire quarter-inch left in the old bag.”

Another yachtie said some crew members can get fired for not tucking in their shirt too. Another crew member got a plane ticket home “for walking too loudly on deck.” Seriously.

Clicking issues

“Clicking” with others on deck is another reason a “qualified” crew member is fired, according to Dockwalk. ” Some crew might be perfectly capable and pleasant, but if their style doesn’t mesh with the yacht, they might find themselves out of a job.”

Appearances or how you do your job can also get you fired. “In yachting however, if the owner takes a dislike to the shape of your eyebrows, then it’s sayonara, or if the owner prefers the welldone steak he asked for to be pink in the middle then adios amigo,” writes A Chef Abroad.

The current Below Deck crew certainly have quite a few “clicking” issues. Which begs the question. Who gets fired? And will crew get fired for not performing their job? Or because their personalities don’t mesh?

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