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Betty White is loved by fans all over the world. Some fans, however, are overly expressive when it comes to their admiration for The Golden Girls actor. Here’s what White once said she did with an obscene fan letter.

White receives a lot of fan mail

Betty White smiles while at an event
Betty White | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

White says she receives a lot of fan letters. Some of the letters are autograph requests, while others are requests for money or personal belongings to sell at charity auctions. White says she enjoys letters accompanied by pictures of people’s pets.

Some fans write White regularly. She says there are fans who have been writing for decades. When asked why the show has been so popular among fans, White says it has to do with the writing. She gives the show’s writers credit for the success of The Golden Girls.

“Well, I have to go back to the writing,” says White. “You just don’t get good writing that holds up like that over time. Because people will often say, ‘Oh, I’ve probably seen each one six times,’” says White during an interview with DVD Talk.

White says some of her fans even know the lines to some of The Golden Girls episodes. “I think the audience knows the lines now better than we ever did,” she continues. “But they seem to be able to laugh at it again. Now, you can give us all the credit you want to, but we can’t save a bad show. We can screw up a good show, but we can’t save a bad one. It was the writing that makes that hold up. And I am eternally grateful.”

What Betty White did with an obscene fan letter

In her autobiography, White spoke about an obscene letter she received from a fan. White says her celebrity friends have spoken about obscene letters and how they can become a problem. These types of letters tend to make celebrities very uncomfortable, and many aren’t thrilled to open a letter and get an explicit message. However, White jokes that she doesn’t see the problem with receiving an obscene letter–she thinks it’s a compliment. White says she took the explicit letter and made a photocopy of it.

What Betty White doesn’t like about the entertainment industry

White has been part of the entertainment industry for more than nine decades. However, there are some things she doesn’t like about being famous. One thing White doesn’t like about the entertainment industry is having to walk the red carpet.

Many stars love the spotlight, but White says she doesn’t enjoy the red-carpet walk. “Don’t get me wrong,” wrote White in her book If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t). “When I’m at home watching television, I love seeing who’s there and what they’re wearing. But when you’re the walkee, it can be an absolute nightmare.”

According to White, the red carpet isn’t as glamorous as it looks. “In real life, you step out of the car and immediately you’re struck blind and deaf as you’re greeted by a line of photographers armed with flash cameras and microphone-wielding television reporters, three deep, all shouting at you.”

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