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Anime enthusiasts were shocked to hear about the long-awaited release of Bleach: the Thousand-Year Blood War. The animated series has followers all over the world who were very disappointed with the end of Bleach.

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The Bleach anime ended unceremoniously in 2012 while the series was continued by Tite Kubo in the weekly Shonen Jump. The exciting news was announced regarding the release date of the new series in 2021.

Advertisement leaked out

Bleach has been viewed by many anime lovers throughout the world through the eight years it was on the air. Popular in Japan its reach overseas did not take very long. Luckily, three days before the Bleach 20th anniversary live-stream a two-page advertisement was leaked proving the show will be getting its final arc in anime form in 2021. According to CBR, no studio has been officially announced to air the show.

The new season can have anywhere from seven episodes to over 51 as the seasons have never been consistent. The Bleach series ended its animated run in 2012 with the last of season 16 episodes. The Manga was finished in 2016 and fans have been waiting for the announcement of the anime adaptation.

Bleach anime

The end of season 16 gave us Ichigo with no powers and a long struggle to regain them. His battle against Kugo Ginjo was only successful because of the members of the Soul Society and their help. We saw disappearing Hollows with no clue as to what was happening and were introduced to the Wandenreich. The new group shocked the series as they revealed themselves as a confidential group of Quincy.

Ichigo is the hero of the series who can see ghosts and Hollows from a young age. Over the years he learns to tell the living from the dead, makes friends and enemies, and learns his powers. After becoming a Shinigami, his first real fight with a Hollow is at home after Rukia transfers her energy to him.

Bleach the Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach ended just after a string of Hollow murders and a line of disappearances from the Rukongai District. At this stage, it is revealed that the Quincy, the Hollow murders, and their leader Yhwach are still alive. While the Quincy society kills the Hollows, the Soul Society attempt to purify the Hollow and save them. Quincy’s society was thought to have been destroyed over 1,000 years ago, except for the Ishida family.

The thousand-year blood war arc begins after the shocking Soul Society goes on the offensive and covers the world in a war that reached deep into the Soul Palace itself. During the war, several new forms are found, and new abilities learned of on both sides including Quincy’s final form Vollständig. Even Hitsugaya is shocked when his Bankai is stolen during a fight.


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Ichigo disappears near the beginning of the series and is found later training to gain strength. Chaos reigns supreme as the Quincy launch an attack on the Soul Society with their elite Wandenreich group. Ichigo will have to train hard to save the Soul Society from Quincy.

From Magna to anime

While the Manga is available to read, most love to watch the anime version either with subtitles or the dubbed versions. One advantage to the Manga version being finished before the anime production begins is reducing the use of fillers to thicken episodes. Since the animators know where the story is headed, they can focus on the action and story rather than filling in time.

Will it be what the Bleach lovers will want? I guess we will have to wait until it premieres in the winter of 2021 to find out. Bleach’s season 17 and the adaptation of the final arch the Thousand-Year Blood War will have all anime fans on the edge of their seats!