What Chris Brown Said About Trying to Date Ciara

Chris Brown and Ciara were two of the hottest artists in the 2000s, so naturally, lots of people wanted them to go out. But unfortunately for them, it didn’t happen.

To let Brown tell it, he was indeed attracted to Ciara and tried repeatedly to woo the “Body Party” singer, only to allegedly be shut down each time.

Ciara and Chris Brown
Ciara and Chris Brown at a photoshoot for BET in 2007 | Dexter A. Jones/FilmMagic

Chris Brown reportedly first asked Ciara out in the early 2000s

Like many people, Brown developed a big crush on Ciara after the 2004 release of her debut single “Goodies”, which was accompanied by a sexy dance video.

“When Ciara came out, I looooved her,” Brown, 31, told Giant magazine in 2007 (via Bloomberg). “This was before her and Bow Wow and before anybody knew me at all.”

After Brown himself became famous in 2005, he eventually got a chance to meet Ciara, 35, which solidified his feelings.

“I met her at a show and was just really intrigued,” he continued. “I remember talking to her like, ‘Yo, I’m attracted to you and all that.’ But I was too young for her. I didn’t get the time of day!”

Chris Brown and Ciara together
Chris Brown and Ciara together at an event in August 2006 in New York City | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

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But Chris Brown persisted

According to The Atlanta Black Star, Brown reportedly said in that same interview that he asked Ciara out again following her split from Bow Wow. But she allegedly turned him down a second time.

Despite being rejected twice, Brown noted he took it in stride. “I don’t stunt her that much because if I know somebody’s not attracted like that, I’m not gonna push,” he said. “At the end of the day, you’re not blessed with everything.”

Plus, he didn’t really want to date someone in showbiz anyway. “I don’t want any industry girl,” he told Vibe in 2007 (via MTV News), explaining he preferred a “regular girl” more than anything.

And so Chris Brown and Ciara never dated

But they did become collaborators, working together on “Turntables” from Ciara’s 2009 album Fantasy Ride. The two also took the stage at the 2008 BET Awards, where Ciara joined him for a sultry performance of his song “Take You Down.”

Recalling the experience in the 2012 TV program Defining Moments: Chris Brown’s Journey, he admitted he was still attracted to Ciara at the time, but “kept it professional.”

“It was kind of difficult for me in rehearsals,” he confessed. “It’s like, I’m 18, my hormones are raging, I like you. I like you a lot. But you know, I kept it professional.”

Ciara and Chris Brown
Ciara and Chris Brown at the 2008 BET Awards | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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He would go on to date several other celebrities over the years including Rihanna and Karreuche Tran. As of writing, it’s unclear if Brown is in a relationship. But he appears to have his hands full with his two kids, daughter Royalty and son Aeko.

For her part, Ciara also dated a few well-known names such as Future, with whom she shares a son of the same name. She later married NFL star Russell Wilson, who’s also the father of her daughter Sienna and son Win.