What Did Brad Pitt Want to Be When He Grew Up?

Brad Pitt has been making his rounds in Hollywood ever since the ’90s, even though he got his start on the small screen during the decade before.

But being a major player in Tinseltown wasn’t on his mind when he was just a child. Maybe that isn’t all that odd given the big dreams children often have — astronaut, doctor, lawyer …

Pitt’s ideal job as a child wasn’t anything as glamorous as typical children’s dreams or the career he ultimately ended up calling his own.

Is Brad Pitt still active in Hollywood?

Brad Pitt on the red carpet
Brad Pitt | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

At one point, it felt like Pitt was on the big screen nonstop. He’s been an iconic actor in quite a few unforgettable movies, including Oceans Eleven and Fight Club.  More recently, he found himself cast in the newest Quentin Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, where he stars alongside another fan fave, Leonardo DiCaprio.

That’s not the only movie he has on his plate, though. Pitt plays the protagonist in Ad Astra, which just dropped last month. The film throws the 55-year-old superstar in the role of an astronaut who travels to outer space in search of his father and answers to questions that could very well impact the entire human population.

Both movies look promising, but this may be the end of Pitt’s long-standing career.

According to Page Six, Pitt has said that there just isn’t as much space in the industry for older actors.  

“I really believe that overall it is a younger man’s game – not that there aren’t substantial parts for older characters – I just feel, the game itself, it’ll move on naturally. There will be a natural selection to it all.” – Brad Pitt

The good news is he doesn’t plan to vanish from the entertainment industry completely. Instead, you’ll hopefully be able to catch his name in the credits for more behind-the-scenes work.

What jobs did Brad Pitt have before becoming an actor?

Like many Hollywood stars, Pitt was a member of the infamous rat race, just like the rest of us before he landed the role that put him on the map. So what did this college dropout decide to tackle while pursuing his Tinseltown dreams? Delivering refrigerators. You read that right. The Mr. and Mrs. Smithactor would drop off these large kitchen appliances to households on even the hottest of days. Not really a career, but a gig that would at least help cover rent.

While the appliance delivery job wasn’t very glamorous, Pitt did have another side hustle that men around the globe would envy. He transported strippers to gigs via a limousine. Still a delivery job, just with a very different type of cargo.

From there, he rocked one of those giant chicken mascot suits to help bring in customers at El Pollo Loco. The method acting he did in the suit, while nothing to brag about, probably did help bolster Pitt for the roles he would eventually be getting one after another.

What did Brad Pitt want to be when he grew up?

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pitt was interviewed by young reporter Jaden Jefferson. Jefferson pitched this question. When Pitt was 11 years old, what did he want to do with his life? After a moment of thinking, Pitt had his answer. He wanted to be a builder.

Jefferson pushed Pitt a bit further. He asked what was it that attracted him to that role. According to Pitt, it was a very natural desire. He had always been aware of how homes and rooms affected him. If they affected him, they also influenced others.

It was the idea that a space you constructed could genuinely have an impact on other people’s lives that drew him to building as a job. Not to mention, the general idea of construction and creating things with one’s hands was something that stood out to him. Definitely an interesting choice for a man who became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.