What Did Prince William Think the First Time He Met Kate Middleton?

Most women can only dream about catching the eye of a young, handsome prince like Prince William. For Kate Middleton, this dream actually came true.

It was when they were both students at the University of Saint Andrews that they began dating, and it is difficult to imagine a time when they weren’t a couple. Despite some rough times, including a high-profile breakup, Prince William finally asked Middleton to be his wife. The two officially became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in a spectacular royal ceremony that took place at Westminster Abbey and was broadcast live around the world.

While Prince William and Duchess Kae have been together for so long that not many people think about their college years and their first meeting, surely, the couple themselves remember it well. As it turns out, Middleton was not immediately swept off of her feet the second she laid eyes on the future king. In fact, she was dating someone else at the time, and not entirely sure she was interested in Prince William. But what did Prince William think of Middleton?

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s college years weren’t the first time they saw each other

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Indigo/Getty Images

Many people assume that the first time Prince William and Middleton saw each other was when they both began living in the same building at university. Yet this isn’t the way things went down. According to Yahoo!, it was when they were only nine years old that they attended the same school hockey game. According to royal biographer Katie Nicholl, Middleton, like all the other students, was pretty excited to see the prince in person — and it was an extremely significant and memorable event for her.

The charity fashion show that changed things for the couple

Just about everyone knows the story of how Middleton was walking down the runway in a charity fashion show, wearing a sheer black see-through dress with lingerie underneath. From that moment on, Prince William was smitten. According to Hello!, it was that particular night Prince William began seeing Middleton differently, as the two were only friends at that point. 

Prince William pursued Kate Middleton for a while before they became a couple

After seeing Middleton in a new light and realizing that he may want something more, Prince William began to pursue his future wife in hopes of beginning a romantic relationship. According to Mirror, a royal commentator said Prince William was sending signals and “expressing an interest” in Middleton. Yet, she was not responding at first. In fact, the future queen consort chose to “play hard to get.”

Fortunately, she gave in to Prince William’s advances, and the two of them began an incredible journey that led them to where they are today: happily married with three beautiful children.

What did Prince William think the first time he met Kate Middleton?

Many fans may imagine that it is nerve-wracking to meet a prince in real life, but do we ever wonder what Prince William was thinking the first time he met Middleton? It turns out that he knew from the very beginning that there was something “special” about her. According to International Business Times, the prince “knew that there was something he wanted to explore.” The two of them had a great relationship from the very beginning, even though it was strictly platonic at first. It seems that Prince William was spot on when he saw something special in Middleton.