What Do Kate Middleton’s Parents Think of Prince William’s Rumored Affair?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been together since they were in college. Now, after being married for eight years and having three children together, rumors have kicked up about Will reportedly having an affair with Kate’s best friend, Rose Hanbury. While Kate and Will have been thrown into this whirlwind of tabloids, Kate’s parents can’t do much besides see how everything plays out. How do they feel about the rumored affair?

Michael Carole Middleton
Michael and Carole Middleton | Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images

Will and Kate have been together since they were barely adults

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge definitely didn’t rush into a relationship. When the couple first met back in 2001, they were reportedly both dating other people. Once they were single, they connected and instantly hit it off. The couple’s relationship became public knowledge back in 2004, and they dated for three years before briefly breaking up in 2007. They got back together a few months later. After dating another four years, they were married in 2011. The couple now has three kids, and they’re about to celebrate their eighth anniversary.

Kate’s parents have always had a good relationship with Will

Both Carole and Michael Middleton have always felt very strongly about Will. Since Kate and Will dated for so long, it gave her parents plenty of time to see the kind of man he was. And when the two got engaged, Michael released a statement saying the Middletons were delighted to hear the news. He went on to say how highly they think of the prince. Now that the two have been married for quite a while, Kate still works to maintain a strong relationship with her parents. Carole and Michael often are spotted with their grandchildren, and the couple has spent holidays with the Middletons in the past.

Carole and Michael probably don’t believe Will would cheat on their daughter

When it comes to the rumors about Will being unfaithful, there is a good chance the Middletons don’t believe the prince would ever step out on their daughter. Since Kate’s parents have developed such a close relationship with him through the years, and Will has always kept in touch with them despite his royal duties, they have seen first-hand what Will is genuinely like as a person. The Middletons know their son-in-law the same way his own family knows him, and it would be hard for them to picture a scandal like this. However, Will’s father notoriously cheated on Princess Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles, so there may be some like-father-like-son thoughts lurking in the backs of their minds.

The two likely have been trying to support Will and Kate through the tough time

Prince William Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton are in the midst of a cheating scandal. | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Right now, the whole royal family is probably rallying around Will and Kate and doing their best not to succumb to the stress of the cheating rumors. And Carole and Michael Middleton are likely doing the same. They’re probably trying their best to help their daughter through this, whether it’s spending some time with the kids so Kate and Will can have alone time or simply picking up the phone and letting the couple know they’re supporting them. It’s unlikely the rumors are actually true, so hopefully Carole and Michael can help Kate and Will get past them.

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