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Prince William and Kate Middleton do what they can to ensure their children live normal lives — especially at school, where Prince George and Princess Charlotte (and one day, Prince Louis) are encouraged to treat others equally. That said, some of Prince George’s classmates are old enough to know he is a royal prince.

What do Prince George’s classmates call him? Find out whether or not he goes by his official royal title at school, ahead.

Prince George’s last name

Prince George of Cambridge arrives for his first day of school with his father Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Thomas's Battersea on September 7, 2017 in London, England.
Prince George attends school not too far from his home in Kensington. | Richard Pohle – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Because Prince George’s royal title is stylized with His Royal Highness, the young royal doesn’t require a last name. However, he can use the royal family’s last name should he need to, making him George Mountbatten-Windsor (a combination of Queen Elizabeth’s family name and Prince Philip’s family name). That said, the Mountbatten-Windsor surname isn’t Prince George’s only last name option.

In addition to the royal family’s last name, Prince George can use part of his royal title — which stems from his parents’ peerage — as a surname. Since there are so many royal family members, some royals use their royal peerages as a last name to better distinguish themselves from other family members. That means, Prince George likely uses “Cambridge” as a surname. And, once his father becomes the Prince of Wales, he could go by George Wales, like his father and uncle did when they were young.

What do Prince George’s classmates call him?

Prince George
Prince George has no idea that he is the future King of England. | Andrew Milligan – Pool/Getty Images

Despite his royal lineage, Prince George’s school friends treat him like any other classmate. And, chances are, most of them don’t know he’s related to the Queen of England (let alone calls her “Gan-Gan”). What do Prince George’s classmates call him? According to reports, they don’t call him by his official royal title. While at school, the little prince simply goes by George Cambridge. After all, George Mountbatten-Windsor is a bit of a mouthful for a five-year-old.

The real reason Prince George doesn’t go by his royal title at school? Well, for one, that would just be weird. And, two, the little royal has no idea that he is a prince, as Prince William and Kate Middleton have delayed telling him of his status.

Prince George’s royal title

Prince George
Prince George’s royal title will change a few times in his life. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As a member of the royal family — and third in line to the British throne — Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son was born with a royal title. However, Prince George’s royal title won’t always be what it is today.

Currently, the little prince is officially His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. However, once his grandfather ascends the throne and Prince William becomes the Prince of Wales, Prince George’s royal title will likely change to His Royal Highness Prince George of Wales to reflect his family’s new status.

And, should his father become king before Prince George marries, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest son will likely become His Royal Highness The Prince George before his father grants him the Prince of Wales peerage. In the royal family, the Prince of Wales peerage is reserved for the monarch’s eldest son and first in line to the British throne. However, one does not automatically become the Prince of Wales. The king or queen must grant such honors in an official ceremony.

In addition to Prince of Wales, Prince George will likely become the Duke of Cornwall upon Prince William’s reign. Traditionally, royal men receive peerages upon marriage, but some (including Prince Charles — the current Duke of Cornwall) earn such status upon majority. Prince George could follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and receive high-ranking status at age 18.

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