What Does Anna’s Family Really Think of Josh Duggar?

Anna Duggar’s announcement of her sixth child with Joshua Duggar was met by fans with a mix of concern and sadness. While another baby is undoubtedly a happy occasion, fans have long wished Anna would leave the man who spent a good portion of his time in Washington D.C trolling the internet for extra-marital affairs. While the news of Joshua’s indiscretions broke back in 2015, fans have held out hope all these years that Anna would finally take a stand.

The announcement of their 6th child together have evaporated those hopes, but are fans the only ones disappointed in Anna’s decision to stand by her man? What does her large, ultra-conservative Christian family think of her choices?

Anna Duggar’s brother has offered her a chance to escape

While the majority of the Keller family has stayed mum about their feelings for Joshua Duggar, there is one Keller who has held nothing back. Daniel Keller, the self-proclaimed black sheep of the family, has been outspoken about his feelings regarding Josh. In fact, Daniel has informed fans he offered Anna the chance to escape. Not only was he willing to give the homeschooled mom a place to stay, but he even offered to pay for her children’s needs.

Daniel has not spoken publicly about Anna since the 2015 scandal, but if his words from back then still apply, he’s likely not thrilled with the recent turn of events. Daniel stated that he wouldn’t stop trying to get Josh out of his family.

Anna’s parents might be part of the reason she stayed

According to In Touch, the Keller family does not consider divorce an option, under any circumstances. Mike and Suzette raised their large family in Florida, and while they adhere to most of the Duggar family rules, insiders allege they take the conservative rules around dating and marriage even more seriously. Divorce would be seen as a massive sin, and Anna may have been advised by her parents to stick it out.

In 2017 an alleged insider posted an AMA on Reddit and noted that things were really rocky when the news first broke about Josh’s cheating. According to the insider, Michelle Duggar was under the impression that Anna was planning to leave the family, but something happened that changed her mind. Some fans surmise that watching her divorced siblings being treated with icy indifference was enough to make her stick it out with Josh.

The Keller kids don’t all adhere to the rules

While Anna and her siblings were all raised in an ultra-conservative household, they all don’t share their parents’ moral leanings. In fact, two of the Keller kids are officially divorced. Rebekah Keller, who was married to Joshua Macdonald in 2005 filed for divorce from her husband in 2015.

According to Radar, the reasoning for the divorce is purposefully vague, but its clear Rebekah broke all the rules. Not only was she the one to file the paperwork, but she also requested full custody of the couple’s two children. The divorce was finalized the following year.

Daniel Keller also called it quits with his wife. Keller married a woman named Candice in 2008, but their marriage dissolved in 2016. They share one son. Neither Daniel nor Candice have ever spoken publicly about their marriage or divorce.

Anna and Josh Duggar
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Rebekah and Daniel aren’t the only Keller kids to face romantic issues. Younger sibling Susanna broke free from the Keller family years ago. She gave birth to a child in 2013; she never married the father of her daughter. Susanna was featured on several episodes of 19 Kids and Counting during Josh and Anna’s courtship.