What Does Jim Bob Duggar Do For A Living? Here’s How He Was Financially Able to Raise 19 Kids

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were able to raise 19 children. And one major part of raising those children was keeping a roof over their heads. The Duggars had a massive custom home built to comfortably fit all of their children, and it’s made everyone ask the same question: What does Jim Bob Duggar do for a living?

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did not go to college

Neither Jim Bob nor his wife, Michelle, went to college. The two met when Michelle was 15 and Jim Bob was 17. And their connection sparked quickly. After spending some time getting to know each other, the two decided to court. By the time Michelle was 17 and Jim Bob was 19, they were married. Jim Bob opted to forego college and instead focus on starting his own business. But Jim Bob didn’t start out in one business venture and stick to it forever. He tried a few different things before he landed where he is today.

Jim Bob was originally in used car sales

When Jim Bob and Michelle were first married, the couple began running a used car business. (Michelle never actually held a formal job, but when you end up with 19 kids, it makes sense as to why.) The car business did well, but they eventually left it. However, the love for used cars rubbed off on Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest child, Josh. Josh and Anna Duggar currently work in used car sales to provide for their own family.

After Jim Bob left car sales, he started a towing business. This business venture also served the family well, but it wasn’t Jim Bob’s permanent gig. However, it did set the stage for the next phase of his life.

He eventually moved into the real estate industry

After the towing business, Jim Bob got involved in real estate. You don’t need a college education to work in real estate, but you do need a certain number of hours of real estate education. Jim Bob got certified in real estate, and it began to bring in more and more money for his family.

As the real estate business continued to grow, Jim Bob also tried his hand at politics. He ran for a seat on the Arkansas Senate, but he didn’t win. His political career was short lived, but it still gave him valuable life experience.

Today, he works in commercial and residential real estate, which has made him a millionaire

Today, Jim Bob is heavily involved in both commercial and residential real estate. And Romper reported that Michelle is technically a licensed real estate agent as well. Plus, now that the Duggars are a household name, it likely makes it easier for Jim Bob to close on those important deals. There is the potential to make millions in the real estate industry, and it looks like Jim Bob has done fairly well for himself and his family, considering they live in a house big enough to comfortably fit 21 people.

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