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The best part of The Cosby Show for longtime fans is arguably the five Cosby kids. As the youngest, Rudy (Keshia Knight Pulliam) was given the most passes from her parents and older siblings. In the first season, she found herself in the midst of much trouble, typically with her close friend Peter not too far behind. But by season 2, Peter disappeared. As it turns out, the writers didn’t feel his character was necessary moving forward on the TV show

Peter Costa and Keshia Knight Pulliam on 'The Cosby Show'
Peter Costa and Keshia Knight Pulliam on ‘The Cosby Show’ via Twitter

Peter Costa on ‘The Cosby Show’

Fans remember Peter as the Huxtable’s neighbor. He’s also one of Rudy’s best friends who visits the Huxtable’s residence for frequent playdates with Rudy. 

Viewers first meet Peter when he hilariously works his way into an all-girls sleepover for Rudy. Dr. Huxtable is confused by Peter’s presence and laughs when he discovers that Peter saw him walking with Rudy and her friend’s home for the sleepover when he decided to sneak in. 

One of his most famous scenes during his time on the show is during the sleepover episode. Dr. Huxtable plays a game with the children where he uses his leg as a horse for them to ride. Everyone falls off, except Peter, who is larger in size.

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Another favorite episode featuring Peter is an episode titled “The Juicer.” In the episode, Dr. Huxtables buys a new juicer and forbids Rudy from using it. Hungry and in need of a snack, she and Peter drum up the idea to make grape jelly using the juicer. When the juicer begins malfunctioning, Peter runs out of the house.

According to a Cosby Show Pinterest fan page, in real life, Peter suffered from stage fright as a child and typically forgot his lines. Cosby played off of Peter’s nervousness, instructing him to run out of the Huxtable house during awkward moments whenever he became nervous and forgetful. 

What has Peter Costa been up to since leaving ‘The Cosby Show’?

Fans love Peter most for his bashful personality. He doesn’t speak much but smiles often and he’s always in sticky situations with Rudy, but always runs home at the sight of trouble.

In total, Peter appears in 13 episodes of the show. In 1987, he was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the category for Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in a Long-Running Series Comedy or Drama.

Peter is written out of the show as writers felt that as Rudy began to grow up, writers did not feel Peter’s presence was needed and opted to focus on other storylines regarding Rudy’s maturation. Rudy’s future storylines revolve around issues within the Huxtable family.

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Aside from The Cosby Show, according to IMDb, Peter’s only other acting credits are The Lemon Sisters and the 2003 film, To Be Legendary. 

After To Be Legendary, Peter did not continue with his acting career. But, he remains in the entertainment industry. He’s worked as a drummer for heavy metal and experimental bands, including drummer Torrential Downpour and the Kreptatka Bar Band.

According to fans, Peter currently resides in the New Jersey area and performs with different bands. It’s unclear why Peter left the acting world, but considering his stage fright as a child actor, he may feel more comfortable in other entertainment venues that don’t require speaking.