What Happened to Jennifer Snowden from ‘Southern Charm?’

When Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm was on the outs with the cast, friend Jennifer Snowden seemed to be the only person in town who had her back.

At one point both women had Thomas Ravenel’s in their crosshairs. Dennis and Ravenel were barely on speaking terms, plus Dennis was hardly speaking with any cast members. And Snowden, who Dennis once accused had an affair with Ravenel, was also shunned by Ravenel and the cast.

SOUTHERN CHARM — “Raising the Roof” Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Whitney Sudler-Smith, Landon Clements, Thomas Ravenel, Craig Conover, Jennifer Snowden, Kathryn Dennis Calhoun, William Shepard Rose III — (Photo by: Brianna Stello/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

So the women joined forces for a brief period but their friendship unraveled once Dennis saw that Snowden and Ravenel mended fences. Snowden hasn’t been on the show since the fateful reunion where she and Ravenel seemed chummy. So where is she now?

Snowden is raising her son Ascher

When viewers last saw Snowden she was pregnant with her son Ascher. She tearfully revealed he was diagnosed with a serious brain disorder while he was still in utero. Ascher was diagnosed with a brain encephalocele, according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

This is a rare disorder where the bones of the fetus’s head do not close completely. Depending upon where the encephalocele is located on the head, the infant has a good chance of survival. Approximately 75% of infants diagnosed with this disorder have some sort of mental deficiency.

Snowden reports today Ascher is thriving and she’s enjoying every minute of being a mom to the adorable toddler. He is already helping around the house and curious about the world around him. “You gotta put them to work early y’all! PS: those are his “noculars” around his neck. Aka binoculars & he looks through them backwards,” she wrote on Instagram.

She’s a business owner

Snowden is also running an online clothing business that reflects her personal style. Her store, which she launched in November 2017 is named James Ascher after her son.

She wrote on the company website that she launched the brand after being asked about what she was wearing while she was on Southern Charm. “During my 3 seasons of being on the Bravo TV show Southern Charm, people would often ask me where I purchased different things I was wearing, & being that I love people, clothing & all things style related, I decided to open a store where anyone could shop the looks I love!”

James Ascher offers a wide choice of styles and apparel for women including dresses and jumpsuits to jewelry and shoes. Snowden added that the company’s mission is “to offer affordable yet highly fashionable & unique things to women of all ages & all demographics because I believe while our clothes do not define us, they certainly add an air of confidence when we feel good about the way we look.”

She keeps in touch with the Southern Charm cast

Cameran Eubanks said that she keeps in touch with Snowden, according to a video in Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “We both have children,” Eubanks said about Snowden. “Her son is about a year, year and a half older than mine. We’ve tried to get playdates together, but it’s so hard. But yeah, we keep in touch, but not that much.”

Snowden recently ran into Shep Rose too. She posted a picture with Rose and his new puppy in February. “Hey guys! Have y’all heard? @relationshep is a daddy,” she playfully wrote. She also added a sweet picture with Patricia Altschul on her birthday too. “One last thing: Happy birthday to you Miss P,” she wrote on Instagram.

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One last thing: Happy birthday to you Miss P!

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The image features Snowden and her newborn son paying a visit to Altschul. Altschul responded, “Thank you Darlin… look how tiny he was and now he’s such a big boy.”