What Happens to Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin After the Funeral?

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral services have concluded. One thing you might be curious about is what happens next. What will happen to the queen’s coffin? Here’s everything we know.

What happens to Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

Queen Elizabeth II wears a red outfit and hat.
Queen Elizabeth II |  Dan Kitwood – WPA Pool /Getty Images

After the state funeral, a smaller service was held for the queen at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth’s casket was placed in the Royal Vault. However, this was a temporary resting place for the queen.

According to the royal family website there was another service after the one at St. George’s Chapel ended. For her final service, the queen was transferred to the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle. She is buried next to her late husband, Prince Philip, the former Duke of Edinburgh.

The royal family social media account revealed information about the queen’s final resting place. “The queen will be laid to rest with her late husband The Duke of Edinburgh, alongside her father King George VI, mother Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and sister Princess Margaret,” said the statement.

The importance of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle holds special significance for the royal family. For Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle was like a second home. She and her late sister, Princess Margaret, spent a lot of time at the castle during World War II while being protected by the British Army, reports Today.

“In many ways Windsor was her sort of home away from home,” says Daisy McAndrew, an NBC royal commentator. “That’s where the queen always said that she realized how grateful she was to the Grenadier Guards.”

McAndrew says the castle also meant a lot to Queen Elizabeth because she had fond memories of putting on family Christmas shows there with her sister. Prince Philip attended the shows.

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was made years in advance

The queen’s coffin was made more than 30 years in advance. It is made from English oak and lined with lead. The lead aids the preservation of the body by reducing the buildup of moisture and air,” reports iNews.

Matthew Lymn Rose, managing director of A W Lymn, The Family Funeral Service, tells the publication that coffins are prepared while the royal family members are still living.

“My understanding is that the queen and all members of the royal family have coffins made while alive… so there is no delay, the coffin is there,” Rose tells iNews.

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