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Ariana Grande may be a superstar singer, but she still gets sick like the rest of us. She recently had to cancel the concert in Lexington, Kentucky, due to a severe illness that has left her “very sick.” However, Grande did not reveal many details about what exactly she is suffering from, so many fans might be worried and wondering about her health issues. Here’s what we know about Grande’s illness.

Ariana Grande has been open her struggles with mental health

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Anyone who follows Grande will know that these past few years have been hard on the singer mentally.

In 2017, she began suffering from PTSD after a bomb was detonated at her concert in Manchester, England. Grande has shared that the experience affects her deeply and that she might not “ever know how to talk about it and not cry.”

In 2018, she and her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller broke up only for him to pass away a few months later. Some people on the internet began blaming Grande for Miller’s death, and Grande later revealed that she became “so drunk” and “so sad” for much of that time.

Although Grande has shared that she receives therapy for these mental health issues, but there’s no doubt that fans continue to be worried about her, especially when she opened up about having panic attacks, depression, and anxiety while on tour.

Ariana Grande has recently been physically ill

Earlier this month, Grande also revealed that she has been afflicted with a physical illness. She decided to cancel her Lexington, Kentucky show, saying that she “woke up kind of 10 times worse and it hurts so bad to swallow.”

After the cancellation, Grande gave fans a health update. The singer shared that she has been feeling under the weather “since the last London show” in mid-October.

“I don’t know how it’s possible but my throat and head are still in so much pain,” Grande told social media followers. “I sound okay I’m just in a lot of pain and it’s difficult to breathe during the show. I am seeing my doctor and trying my v best to get better for tomorrow’s show.”

She added that she is taking medications, getting IV drips, and being looked after by her loved ones.

Since Grande has not canceled any concert after the one in Kentucky, it’s likely that her condition did not get worse. Though, it’s hard to know whether Grande has been feeling significantly better or not.

What illness is Ariana Grande battling now?

It’s hard to know exactly what illness Grande is going through since she does share that sort of detail with her followers. However, she did mention a “sinus infection” at one point.

“I’ve been coughing and had this like crazy sinus infection thing that has not gone away for a really long time,” Grande shared in one update post. She also said that her “head was really splitting and heavy and my glands really hurt.”

According to Healthline, the symptoms of a sinus infection do include headaches, throat irritation, and a lot of coughing, so it is possible that Grande is suffering from a sinus infection. Additionally, it is also possible to have the infection alongside something else like a common cold.

Ultimately, it is up to Grande whether she wants to tell fans more information about her illness. However, it is not surprising that after many health scares this past year, a lot of fans simply want Grande to take a break from touring and releasing new music for the time being. Followers have been writing to Grande to tell her that it is important to take care of her mental and physical health.