What is ‘Bling Empire’ Star Christine Chiu’s Net Worth?

Whether people are watching it as a guilty pleasure or an unabashed fan, reality TV shows are among some of the most popular and most-watched series right now. There’s something comforting about the escape into another person’s world. Whether we’re watching competitors brave the wilderness to survive harsh conditions while we munch popcorn from the comfort of our couches or peek behind the luxurious world of celebrities while we do the dishes, reality TV offers a chance to get away from it all — for at least the length of an episode or two. 

Bling Empire is a new Netflix reality series that offers viewers a peek into LA’s extremely wealthy Asian and Asian American social scene. One of the stars of the series is Christine Chiu, the wife of a celebrity plastic surgeon. In a show that’s all about having wealth beyond imagination, just how much is Chiu’s net worth?

‘Bling Empire’ is focused on LA’s wealthy Asian and Asian American community 

There are plenty of shows that focus on bringing viewers behind the scenes into a lifestyle that doesn’t fit their own. The premise was behind early reality TV hits like MTV’s Cribs, but it wasn’t until more recently that the idea of closely following specific individuals over a long period of time became a common trope. 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was arguably one of the first to take this approach, and its wildly popular blueprint has been used countless times since its 2007 premiere. Since then, the Real Housewives franchise and many other similar series have given fans the chance to peer into all the drama going on behind the scenes in the lives of the very wealthy. 

Bling Empire follows this same format but uses the backdrop of a group of friends in LA. As Oprah Magazine reports, getting the cast together was central to the show’s success. “We tapped into the energy of a group who already know each other and are invested in each other’s lives. That’s the magic in starting a show like this—it’s not forced. We brought our cameras into a world that was already there,” showrunner Brandon Panaligan explained. 

Several very wealthy people star in ‘Bling Empire’

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The stars of Bling Empire are connected by their social circle, but they have very different personalities and backgrounds that have led to their wealth. Anna Shay, the self-described “Queen of Los Angeles,” is an heiress to her father’s fortune from Pacific Architects and Engineers. Kane Lim, a real estate investor from Singapore, moved to LA specifically to grow his family’s fortune.

Guy Tang, a self-made hairstylist from Oklahoma, is a celebrity hair colorist and a musician with a huge YouTube following. Kim Lee, a native Californian, has worked as a famous model and international DJ. Among these cast members are Christine Chiu and her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu.

Christine Chiu
Christine Chiu of ‘Bling Empire’ | Netflix

Christine Chiu introduced her husband as an heir to a generational fortune, but he is also a plastic surgeon who serves celebrities, so he likely makes a pretty penny with his work as well. Christine Chiu describes herself as a “philanthropist, investor, and couture collector” on her Instagram bio. She hopes that her time on the series will showcase her charitable efforts and demonstrate that her life isn’t just full of selfish luxury. 

How much is Christine Chiu worth? 

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In a show that’s all about the lives of the wealthy, we can expect to see some staggering net worths for the cast members. That’s certainly the case for Christine Chiu.

As Cosmopolitan reports, Christine Chiu and her husband work together to run the plastic surgery firm, and they both come from wealthy backgrounds. All told, the pair is worth an estimated $80 million.