What is Chris Sullivan’s Net Worth?

NBC’s hit drama, This Is Us, knows how to get you in the feels. The talented cast, including Chris Sullivan’s portrayal of Toby Damon, has been breaking hearts and taking names for three seasons. As season 4 nears, here’s a look at Sullivan’s net worth.

How does Sullivan make his money?

Chris Sullivan from 'This Is Us'
Chris Sullivan from ‘This Is Us’ | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

This Is Us aside (which he’s also produced), Sullivan voiced the infamous “hump day” camel on the Geico commercial, according to IMDb. You know the one.

He’s also starred in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Taserface, The Knick as Tom Cleary, and Stranger Things as Benny Hammond. Though he’s been acting since 2006, a lot of the roles aren’t necessarily as memorable as Toby Damon.

Sullivan’s work on This Is Us has been his most successful project to date. The role garnered him his first Primetime Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Toby — a typical funnyman — struggling with depression.

As if that’s not enough, Sullivan is also a touring musician as LA-based Joseph The Spouse and hosts the podcast, In Love, with Michael Rosenbaum.

What is Chris Sullivan’s net worth?

According to the website, CelebWorth.Net, Sullivan’s worth an estimated $5 million. Other sources have stated his net worth is far lower, and Sullivan (as well as co-stars, Susan Kelechi Watson, and Jon Huertas) landed similar deals as the main cast.

Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown, and Chrissy Metz) negotiated upwards of $4.5 million per season before season 3.

Sullivan’s numbers could include additional acting roles, pay from musical performances, and any pay negotiations prior to filming season 4 of This Is Us.

Toby and Kate’s (Metz) story was more prominent in season 3 (and now he’s Emmy-nominated), so it’s fair to assume his exact numbers are actually higher than what’s been reported.

Where ‘This Is Us’ fits into Sullivan’s net worth

A lot has changed since the beginning of This Is Us in 2016. Since the series first began, salaries for the core cast have more than doubled. Moore and Ventimiglia, who play Jack and Rebecca Pearson, were already well known, but the rest of the cast weren’t household names just yet.

A lot of the cast previously worked in Hollywood before landing their TIU roles, but they weren’t at the level TIU has been since its inception. That means salaries and net worth may have been next to nothing a few years back, even for Sullivan.

Sullivan’s character, Toby, was introduced in season 1, while at a weight loss support group. It’s there he met his future wife, Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz).

Through the previous three seasons of This Is Us, Toby and Kate have evolved into parents of baby Jack, after Toby’s bouts of depression and Kate’s infertility struggles. All of this means Sullivan’s had more screen time as the seasons go on and could indicate his net worth is higher than reported.