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When “Ziggy Stardust” singer, David Bowie, and glam rock groupie, Angela Barnett, had a baby and named him Zowie, a lot of people noticed. 30 years later, Bowie welcomed his second child into the world to a little less fanfare. Bowie’s second child has kept a low profile for most of her life, but as she gets older and tries to figure out her place in the world, there’s a chance she may try to follow in either of her parents’ famous footsteps. So what is Lexie Jones up to these days? Read on to find out.

David Bowie’s daughter

Alexandria Zahra Jones made her earthly debut at 5:06 am on August 15, 2000. She weighed a robust 7 lb 5 oz and, to her parents, she was perfect in every way.

David Bowie's wife Iman shares Father Day's photo of her husband with their daughter

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Lexi, as she was quickly nicknamed, gave her “first and last interview” to Hello magazine when she was less than one month old. Of course, the infant would have more to say as she matured. But when David Bowie sat down with Marquesa de Varela to laud his newborn daughter, that’s how he described the talk session.

Bowie told the Hello interviewer that he started thinking up baby names the moment he met Somali beauty Iman Abdulmajid. In his mind, there was no question that she would marry him one day. And she did, in Florence, Italy, on the 20th anniversary of the release of Ziggy Stardust.

David Bowie and Iman credit Christie Brinkley for ‘miracle’ pregnancy

When Bowie and Iman married, they were both deeply involved in their respective careers. When they first got together, as he told Hello, the pair discussed names for the baby they hoped to someday have. Neither was ready to revisit parenthood at the time, but they agreed upon the names Alexandria and Zahra, which Bowie explained to mean things such as blossoming, fair beauty, and shining, inner light.

After eight years together, the couple was finally ready to slow down and revisit parenthood. Iman was 45 years old, Bowie was 53, and each had a grown child from previous relationships. When conventional conception took longer than expected, Iman told her friend, fellow supermodel Christie Brinkley, about a Somali tradition that advises women who are having trouble conceiving to cradle a baby all day. Brinkley heeded the call and brought her own infant, Sailor, to spend time with Iman. Evidently, it worked because nine months later Iman and Bowie brought home a beautiful baby girl.

Overcoming tragedy

For most of her young life, Jones kept pretty much out of the limelight. That changed on January 10, 2016, when she, her mother, and the world went into mourning after the surprising, sudden death of “Space Oddity” singer, David Bowie.

Later that year Jones turned 16 and her mom posted a photo of her on Instagram to celebrate the occasion. Iman included a note wishing the teen a happy sweet sixteenth birthday and advising her to “stay classy with a hint of sassy.” David Bowie’s management company also Instagrammed Lexi Jones along with a picture of her father at age 16 ambitiously posing with musical instruments.

The following year, on the occasion of her 17th birthday, Iman posted an updated pic of Jones with a stylish nose piercing. The Instagram caption read, “The Queen of my heart Lexi Jones at 17 years old!” It is clear from Iman’s posts that the two women keep a close bond, which likely helped them both through the tragedy of losing Bowie.

A career in the spotlight for Lexi Jones?

Lexi shined brightly in the role of Dorothy in her 2018 high school production of Wizard of Oz, but David Bowie’s daughter has yet to make a public announcement regarding career plans. For now, the sassy beauty seems content to live life as a normal teenager in New York. In an age where so many youngsters want nothing more than to be famous on YouTube, it’s refreshing to see a teen who prefers privacy.

It would seem that Lexi Jones has her pick when it comes to choosing a career. An image posted by Iman on Facebook shows a beautiful painting created by the teen. Jones certainly appears to have a knack for visual arts, to say the least.

"Venus de Milo" Artwork by Lexi Jones #LexiLove

Posted by Iman on Saturday, August 4, 2018

With such a talented gene pool to back her up, Iman and David Bowie’s daughter is sure to become anything she sets her mind to.