What Is Marie Kondo’s Net Worth?

If you’ve heard the term “spark joy,” you can thank Marie Kondo for that. Kondo is an expert organizer turned pop-cultural phenomenon.

Over the years, she has organized closets around the globe by asking owners: “Does the object ‘spark joy’?” Her simple, yet life-changing techniques have changed the way Americans view clutter.

And while you can hire Kondo and her consultants to organize your life, that is not how the Japanese businesswoman has made the bulk of her net worth. So, just how did Kondo get to where she is and how much is she actually worth?

What is ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’?

Marie Kondo visits the Brit+ Co #CreateGood Wellness event.
Marie Kondo | Gary Gershoff/WireImage

It all began with a simple book. Just five years ago, Kondo released her first book in the US, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The book quickly made it’s way around the blogosphere and on to the New York Time’s Best Seller list, eventually making it all the way to number one. 

Soon, Kondo was all over television, showing the world how to fold their clothes. Since her first book, the organizing expert has released three follow-up books, including a kid’s book and a manga version of her debut best-seller. Her fifth book, “Joy at Work,” is scheduled to come out next year. 

How did Marie Kondo get into organizing?

How did Kondo get into organizing and how has she managed to get so many people so interested in it? Kondo says she first became interested in organizing when she was just an elementary student. As a kid, she would spend her extra time organizing — at school, at home, anywhere with a good mess. 

By the age of 19, Kondo started her own organizing business. The business was immensely popular and often had a waiting list. It was this waiting list that prompted one of the star’s clients to suggest that Kondo write a book. And so it all began. 

Kondo’s techniques aren’t crazy and don’t require a bunch of expensive equipment. You can use items you already have around the house to organize your stuff. Kondo’s popularity can be attributed to her easy to learn techniques and her approachable demeanor. 

Netflix saw something special in the star

It wasn’t long after Kondo released her second book, “Spark Joy” that streaming giant, Netflix hopped on the organization train. “Spark Joy,” was released in 2016 and by 2019, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo hit the airwaves.

Taking full advantage of our New Year’s resolutions to get more organized, Tidying Up premiered January 1, 2019. The show featured eight episodes, all released the same day. 

In the reality show, Kondo goes to the homes of eight different families to show them “the life-changing magic of tidying up.” According to Celebrity Net Worth, the series was one of the most popular non-scripted shows on Netflix in 2019 and led to a 70% jump in donations to GoodWill in the Washington DC area alone.

The show earned Kondo two Emmys nominations, including one for best host. 

How much is Marie Kondo worth?

Kondo has come a long way in a short period of time. In addition to her five books, Netflix series, and organizing company, she also has her own store.

That’s not to mention her numerous television appearances, for which she receives an appearance fee. Kondo is a frequent guest on the Today Show and other morning shows.

All-in-all, the 35-year-old has cleaned up quite well for herself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kondo’s estimated net worth is $8 million. Kondo lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Takumi Kawahara, and their two daughters.