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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had several fairytale weddings and are still in their newlywed days since it’s been just six months since they tied the knot. According to Chopra, however, the couple’s age difference is still something that some people can’t get over.

What is Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's age difference?
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas | Gisela Schober/Getty Images

What is Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s age difference?

Chopra and Jonas have a 10-year age difference, as the actress is 36 and her singer/actor husband is 26.

This seems to be a sticking point for a lot of people, something that Chopra believes wouldn’t be an issue if the situation were reversed. In the new issue of InStyle magazine, Chopra shared, “People gave us a lot of s**t about that and still do. I find it really amazing when you flip it and the guy is older, no one cares and actually people like it.”

Chopra was called a ‘scam artist’

While the age difference is one criticism that Chopra has faced in her relationship with Jonas, she was also called a “global scam artist” in an article titled “Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Love for Real?”

Chopra found support in her family members, as she shared: “Nick, Joe, Sophie, my mom, his parents, everyone was there furiously typing on their phones. They were so mad.”

The article was updated and the following apology was issued in a statement posted to Twitter: “I want to sincerely apologize to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, and to the readers I offended and hurt with my words. I do not condone racism, xenophobia, or sexism. I take full responsibility for what I wrote, and I was wrong. I am truly sorry.”

Chopra chose to move on

Despite the unnecessary criticism, Chopra decided that it wasn’t worth her energy, noting: “Commenting on some stupidity means it eventually becomes important because I gave it importance. A lot of people don’t understand that way of thinking. It’s not a myopic thought… it’s a long-term plan.”

As for the hurtful comments she’s heard about sharing photos of her wedding on social media, she recently told The Sunday Times: “If I wasn’t a famous person and I’d just got married, don’t you think my Insta would have photos of me and my husband?”

She added: “Just because I’m famous, don’t I have the ability to be proud of being a newlywed without people saying that I’m using my marriage? I gave up my right to privacy when I became a public person, it’s the deal you make with the devil. But trust me, there are lots of things I still keep personal.”

Jonas has a new song about his wife

The Jonas Brothers just released their first studio album in 10 years and one song is all about Chopra. “I Believe” touches on Nick and Chopra’s relationship and some of the criticisms they’ve faced.

The song’s lyrics include:

Every night, every day; how about every lifetime?
Yeah, I know what they say, and that’s fine
‘Cause I’m here to stay through the good and the bad times
Babe, you send me to space and you’re mine, yeah

Well, call me crazy
And people saying that we move too fast
But I’ve been waiting, and for a reason
Ain’t no turning back