What Is Patrick Mahomes’ NFL Salary as the Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback?

Some football players are known for their extravagant salaries. Patrick Mahomes joined that list given he made history with his new contract. But how does it all break down for his NFL salary by year? This is what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows along with who he dethroned as the highest-paid quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes’ 2020 salary

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs
Quarterback Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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Mahomes joined the NFL in 2017 by signing on for the Kansas City Chiefs after playing football at Texas Tech. He started as a backup for Alex Smith. Smith was later traded and Mahomes became the starting quarterback.

The team went to Super Bowl 54 to play against the San Francisco 49ers. Kansas City won with the score of 31-20 and Mahomes got the award for Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. The 24 year old became the youngest player to receive the title.

His salary was $735,000 in 2020 given he was at the beginning of his career, according to Bleacher Report. Many people anticipated that he would get a significant raise after his achievements and they were right.

He makes $40 million per year

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The football player received a huge raise after the Super Bowl win. He signed a 10-year contract with the team that made him become the highest-earning player in the NFL. The extension is worth $503 million and he gets $477 million in guarantee mechanisms.

He will reportedly now make $45 million per year. The quarterback had two years left on his rookie contract before he signed the history-making deal that made him the first half billion dollar player in sports history.

According to CBS Sports, he gets $6 million of that total contract money before 2022. He should be making an average of $50.45 million per year for the last five years of the contract.

He dethroned Russell Wilson for being the highest-paid quarterback

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Once again the young player broke another player’s record. Russell Wilson, the quarterback for Seattle Seahawks, used to be the highest-paid quarterback. Wilson averages $35 million per year.

Wilson went to the Super Bowl with the Seahawks in 2013 and won. They returned the next year and were defeated by the New England Patriots.

He later signed a $140 million 4-year contract extension, with a $65 million signing bonus, according to SI. It also included a no-trade clause.

There are many people who compare Mahomes and Wilson because of this. But it looks like the players are good sports and don’t have a personal rivalry. Wilson congratulated Mahomes on his new contract and tweeted, “Congrats young legend! @PatrickMahomes #KeepShining.”

Mahomes also revealed other famous athletes reached out to him after the news was released on Sports Radio 610, according to The Spun. He claimed Drew Brees, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Deshaun Watson congratulated him.