What is Rashida Jones’ Net Worth?

Rashida Jones grew up in California with her extremely talented father Quincy Jones. In high school, Jones was voted most likely to succeed at the Buckley School.

Her classmates probably had no idea how correct they were. Jones went on to graduate from Harvard University in 1997.

A clearly intelligent individual, since then, Jones’ work has showcased her abilities to act, write, and produce. Jones’ hard work turned into success, and it is no surprise that she has such a noteworthy net worth.

Rashida Jones’ acting career

Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Jones‘ acting skills premiered in The Last Don, a TV mini-series. The show was based on a novel by Mario Puzo, which was probably a good first acting gig for Jones who always identified as a “nerd” who loves reading.

From there, Jones received a role as a supporting actress on Boston Public. Her appearance on this program really helped her gain momentum and a solid foundation of fans in her corner. Her next role would be her biggest performance of her career so far. Just about everyone knows and loves Jones from playing her character Karen on The Office.

After focusing her acting efforts in the television scene, Jones spends a few years making film appearances. Now You Know and Death of a Dynasty are just two of the movies she acted in during 2002 and 2009. In the spring of 2009, Jones returns to TV with the talented and hilarious Amy Poehler.

Jones played Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation for seven seasons. The show and the cast received an overwhelming amount of support while the show was airing.

Rashida Jones in the music field

When your father is Quincy Jones, it is probably inevitable for you to end up in the music industry in some way, shape, or form. Jones’ reputation as a talented singer and musician precedes her. At a young age, she learned how to play the piano, but it is her abilities to beautifully sing that really sets this actress apart. Her musical talents are what allowed her to collaborate with Tupac Shakur.

In the past, Jones has even provided back-up vocals and singing for Maroon 5. There are several popular films such as The Baxter and The Ten that feature Jones on soundtracks.

In addition, Jones has appeared in several music videos. Maybe you remember seeing her in the music video “Nice for What” by Drake, but she has also made appearances in videos for musicians like the Foo Fighters and Aaliyah.

Rashida Jones’ writing career

Jones is the author of a comic book series Frenemy of the State. There are currently five books in the series that tell the story of a woman who is a secret CIA operative. When the series was turned into a movie Jones was the one to then turn it into a screenplay.

In 2009 she was able to further her experiences with writing for the screen by developing and writing the screenplay for Celeste and Jesse Forever. Not to mention all of the television shows and projects she was asked to join as a contributing writer. Her writing resume and experiences speak for themselves.

Rashida Jones’ net worth and success

Jones’ net worth is valued at a total of $25 million. Her creative energy and pursuits keep her busy and active on all sorts of projects. From writing to music, there doesn’t seem to be anything that Jones can’t do.

Jones continues to impress the public and her fans with her multitude of talents. Taking everything into consideration, it makes sense that this talented individual has accrued such a successful net worth.