What is RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Net Worth? And is Steve Dating Her for Her Money?

Vicki Gunvalson via Instagram

The OG of The Real Housewives of Orange County tried to set the record straight about how men are not only after her for her money. Castmate, Kelly Dodd insisted Vicki’s new man, Steve was only dating her for her bank account, People reports. “Do you think that guy is hitting it and quitting it?” Kelly said on the show. “My friend was dating the girl that Steve was dating. He told the girlfriend that he’s only using Vicki for money. Swear to God. Dinero! Money talks and bulls— walks.”

True to the show’s nature, Kelly didn’t say that to Vicki’s face, instead, she talked smack about her behind her back. However, Vicki’s on-again, off-again BFF, Tamra Judge was happy to pass that message along to Vicki. Of course, Vicki’s reaction was, “He has money,” she screamed. “Shame on [Kelly] for talking about my relationship. It’s bulls— that everybody’s after what I have! And by the way, I don’t have that much money!”

So what is really going on? Do men only date Vicki for her money? And what exactly is her net worth?

This isn’t the first time the ladies accused a man of dating Vicki for her dough

After Vicki and husband, Donn divorced, she hooked up with Brooks Ayers, who allegedly faked that he had cancer on the show. During the couple’s fiery relationship, which ended up tearing Vicki’s friendships apart, many of the women tried to tell Vicki that Brooks was only dating her for her money.

Eventually, Vicki saw what the other women saw, broke up with Brooks and posted on Twitter, “The facts don’t lie. He stole money from me, lied about having stage 3 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma to gain sympathy and much more. Be careful whose “whole truths” you are believing.”

Why do the women think history is repeating itself?

Vicki Gunvalson on The Real Housewives of Orange County
Vicki Gunvalson on The Real Housewives of Orange County | Giphy

The rumor mill is flying as usual in the OC as Celebrity Insider reports Vicki’s new man, Steve Lodge was accused twice of assault and battery. Lodge is a retired police officer. Both incidents occurred while he was on the force, but nothing came of either instance. Celebrity Insider reports documents were destroyed in the first instance. Additionally, Lodge ran for Anaheim City Council in 2012 and 2016 and was sued in 2012 for apparently changing his name to Steve “Chavez” Lodge for the ballots.

Kelly is the main “Housewife” to hurl the accusation that Steve is in it for the money, however, she may have other motives. Vicki broke girl code and set up Kelly’s ex-husband Michael on a double date, US Weekly reports. Needless to say, Kelly has made it clear she’s not happy.

Vicki claims she’s not rich, but is she?

Vicki leads a charmed life. | Valerie Macon/Getty Images

All things considered, Vicki is pretty wealthy. Her net worth stands at about $7 million, according to Bankrate and she earns about $500,000 for just being on RHOC. Beyond the show, Vicki has a full-time job and is an author, Celebrity Net Worth reports.

She is the owner of Coto Insurance and Financial Services, which she started in her home when the show began. Today the business expanded to Bellevue, Washington, and Atlanta. Vicki has also authored two books, “More Than a Housewife” and “Internet Life Insurance Selling Made Easy.”

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