What Is ‘Superman & Lois’ Star Tyler Hoechlin’s Fitness Routine?

Superman is one of the most popular superheroes in the world. And fans are finally getting to see a new side of him on The CW’s Superman & Lois. Tyler Hoechlin started training a year before the show began filming. And he recently opened up and shared his Man of Steel fitness routine. 

Superman Tyler Hoechlin suited up
Tyler Hoechlin from ‘Superman & Lois.’ | The CW

Tyler Hoechlin doesn’t want to be a bulky Superman

Unlike some of the recent movie superheroes in the DCEU, Hoechlin doesn’t think his version of Superman needs to be unnecessarily large or bulky. When talking to Men’s Journal recently, the actor revealed that he started his training regimen by “leaning out” first and then putting on as “much muscle as possible.”

“I know some people do it the other way, bulking then cutting down, but this is what works for me,” the Superman & Lois star explained. “I’ve realized what really translates best on-screen is those lines and being shredded.”

Noting how big and strong Superman looks in the comics, Hoechlin suggested he wanted his version to look more like the “Man of Steel.” So he decided to focus more on translating Clark Kent’s inner strength. 

“There’s an energy there and a power that comes from the sun,” Hoechlin said. “It’s not only the size of the man, the strength comes from within. I don’t have to actually look like I can throw a locomotive—and thank God because I’m not sure what that would take.”

The ‘Superman & Lois’ star makes sure to get to the gym

Despite working long hours, Hoechlin makes it a point to hit the gym almost everyday.  Coming from a baseball background, the actor credits his old coaches for helping him tap into that extra energy.

Being a former athlete, I enjoy a good challenge, and that’s how I saw training for this role,” he told Men’s Journal. “I like having that extra incentive to get in the gym, even after working insane hours. I make it in, no matter how early in the morning or how late at night. I enjoy that part of this process.”

“If we’re having an epic day on set and I feel wiped, I’ll still find that little bit in the tank that’ll take me through a workout,” Hoechlin added. “I remember my coaches telling me, ‘This is when everyone else gives up.’ And that’s all I need to hear to push past the point of exhaustion. You also learn that’s when you see results—when you see that return.”

Tyler Hoechlin does HIIT workouts to stay in shape for ‘Superman & Lois’

Hoechlin isn’t currently using a trainer. So to stay in shape for Superman & Lois, he does rely on some of the tips and routines he learned from his former trainer, David Beur. 

“I usually do HIIT workouts, and I really enjoy super setting,” Hoechlin said in his chat with Men’s Journal. “I’ll break up the body segments, doing chest and triceps or back and biceps. I’ll do legs on another day. I have some injuries from my days playing baseball, so I can’t really do traditional cardio like running on the treadmill, so I try to get my heart up by really keeping that HIIT workout max effort.”


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The actor also focuses on building his upper body by doing incline chest presses, which he does more than any other chest exercise. He works on adding width to his shoulder with delt raises. And also makes sure to work on his back. 

“If you want to look like you have a broad chest, then you need a big back,” Hoechlin continued. “I ended up doing a lot of rows, lat pulldowns, and you can’t go wrong with deadlifts. The deadlift brings me back to my days of playing ball. It’s not all about just looking good. I actually want to feel strong. The deadlift does that for me.”

You can see Hoechlin in his new role as the Man of Steel on Superman & Lois. New episodes air Tuesdays, at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.