What is the Cast of ‘Martin’ Worth Today?

Martin is a classic 1990s-era sitcom famous for biting humor and sharp catchphrases. The narrative revolved around a Detroit, Michigan, radio show host named Martin and his friends. The headliner of the show, Martin Lawrence, was already famous for his standup comedy routines, as seen on platforms, including Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam on HBO. While Lawrence was arguably the most well-known of the cast prior to starring in the sitcom, his former co-stars have also gone on to build their fame and fortune.

'Martin' stars Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell
‘Martin’ stars Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

The ‘Martin’ cast of characters

From 1992 to 1997, Lawrence starred as Martin Payne in Martin. But he also brought numerous other characters to life, including Mama Payne, Sheneneh Jenkins, Roscoe, Bob, Jerome, and more. Each persona added a different dimension of hilarity to the canvas of the show.

Tisha Campbell-Martin played Gina Waters, the object of Martin’s affections. The long-time couple enjoyed romantic escapades, explosive debates, and sweet make-up sessions. Campbell-Martin was already a seasoned actor who fans may have recognized from films, including Little Shop of Horrors and House Party.

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Another Little Shop of Horrors alum, Tichina Arnold, portrayed Gina’s bestie and Martin’s nemesis, Pamela Jones. Pam was the butt of many jokes, but the firecracker gave as good as she got with witty comebacks.

Thomas Mikal Ford brought Tommy Strawn to life. Before Martin, Ford appeared in big-screen comedies such as Harlem Nights and Class Act. On Martin, Ford played Tommy as an intelligent voice of reason despite his ambiguous employment status.

Rounding out the cast was Carl Anthony Payne II as Martin’s dimwitted buddy, Cole Brown. TV buffs will remember Payne as Theo Huxtable’s friend, Cockroach, on The Cosby Show. But in Martin, he delivered more mature punchlines with lots of flavor.

The stars had impeccable comedic timing

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 “Wazzup!” Lawrence and his cohorts rolled off hilarious catchphrases week after week. From Ford’s dry delivery of “Cole, you stupid,” to Lawrence in character as Sheneneh, exclaiming, “Oh my goodness,” the cast of Martin used their incredible comedic instincts to garner laughs.

Even the supporting and recurring players on Martin gave sidesplitting performances. The mathematically challenged Bruh-Man from the fifth floor, played by Reginald Ballard, would display just four fingers when saying “fifth floor.” That running joke never got old.

Aside from Ballad, Tracy Morgan popped in from time to time as Hustle Man, constantly selling sub-par products and services. And over at WZUP radio station, Stan Winters and Shawn McDermott, played by Garrett Morris and Jon Gries, always added humor.

What is the net worth of the main cast today?

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The principal actors from Martin continued working in entertainment and building their net worth after the show ended. Here’s how the former co-stars rank when it comes to wealth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

4. Tisha Campbell-Martin: Campbell-Martin has worked consistently in show business since Martin ended, including co-starring in the long-running sitcom, My Wife and Kids. Fans can look forward to hearing her voice in the upcoming Rugrats animated project. It is estimated that Campbell-Martin has a negative net worth with $15 million of debt.

3. Carl Anthony Payne II: Reports estimate that Payne is worth about $1 million. He has maintained a presence in the media with gigs on shows, including Insecure and 5th Ward. Next up for the actor is the feature film, Again Comes the Rain.

2. Tichina Arnold and Thomas Mikal Ford: Tied for the number two spot when it comes to wealth are Arnold and Ford. At the time of his death, Ford had earned an estimated $2 million fortune. Arnold, who starred on Everybody Hates Chris for four seasons, matches Ford’s figure, and has the potential to amass even more with her current gig on CBS’ The Neighborhood.

1. Martin Lawrence: Besting his former co-stars, Lawrence boasts an estimated $110 million fortune. With blockbusters like Big Mama’s House, Nothing to Lose, and the Bad Boys series under his belt, it is no surprise that he tops the rest of the cast when it comes to net worth.

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