What is ‘The Exorcist’ Star Linda Blair’s Net Worth?

The Exorcist has more than earned its reputation as one of the scariest movies ever made. While it’s hard to single out just one element of the film that makes it so good, Linda Blair’s performance as the possessed Regan MacNeil would definitely be in the running. Blair’s bone-chillingly terrifying acting earned her a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination, but all these years later, we don’t hear from the former child star too often. This has lead many to ask what she’s up to, as well as how much her net worth is these days.

Blair has earned a fair amount of money from her work

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Blair’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. She earned this through her acting roles, as well as the residuals she’s made from them over the years (primarily The Exorcist). While she doesn’t do much work these days, she’ll still occasionally show up on shows like Pit Boss or the web show Whoa! At present, her most recent role is in the film Landfill, which is currently in post-production with no set release date.

Most of this money goes toward charity

Linda Blair
Linda Blair | Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for Backstage Creations

Rather than hoard her money or spend it on expensive cars and lavish luxuries, Blair’s money primarily goes to charity. An animal rights activist, she started her own charity called the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation. Their mission is to find and help animals that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned, treating injuries, rehabilitating them, and then finding them good homes.

In addition to animals, Blair also supports other charitable causes. Two of her favorites are the Children’s Charity and Feed the Children. She’s also a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s board of advisors and donates to their operations.

Blair has had an impressive career outside of her most famous role

Blair’s career extended far beyond her role in The Exorcist. While it may be her most famous role, there’s a lot more to praise her for in her more than 50-year career.

Between the original Exorcist and the sequel Exorcist II: The Heretic  where she reprised her role, cult classic slasher Hell Night, Wes Craven’s Stranger in Our House, and the gruesome grindhouse thriller Savage Streets, Blair became a certified icon of the horror genre. She even hosted the series Scariest Places on Earth, which investigated supposedly haunted places around the world.

Outside of horror, Blair has performed in a variety of different movies and TV shows. Just a few years after becoming famous, she starred in the TV films Born Innocent and Sarah T. – Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic, the latter of which was the highest rated TV film in the country the year of its release. She also had the lead role in the romantic musical Roller Boogie. She was also featured in episodes of popular shows like Fantasy IslandThe Love BoatMurder, She Wrote, and MacGyver.

When not acting, she’s also shown up in various things as herself. She was a guest judge on American Rescue Dog Show and appeared on episodes of Drag Race, Eli Roth’s History of Horror, and Cursed Films, the latter of which focused on her experiences on the famously troubled set of The Exorcist.

Also, while not exactly part of her career, she was a close associate of Rick James back in the 80s. Reportedly, the two met after the singer was shown some of her pictures from a topless modeling job she did, after which the two became romantically involved. One of his most famous hits, “Cold Blooded”, was about her.

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