What Is This ‘Below Deck Med’ Crew Member’s Biggest Pet Peeve?

From dealing with messy rooms to eating off someone else’s plate, Below Deck Mediterranean crew members have to deal with more than just fussy charter guests.

Living and work quarters are extremely tight for the crew working on a superyacht. While the guests are roaming freely and living in spacious staterooms, crew sleep in cramped closets and are often working elbow to elbow.

Aesha Scott |Photo by Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In some cases, the tight conditions become bonding (and even romantic) opportunities for the crew. But in other instances, the tiniest idiosyncrasy can become super annoying.

This easy-going crew member shares her biggest pet peeve

Second stew Aesha Scott decided to share her biggest pet peeves on Instagram. The easy-going stew, who doesn’t seem like much would bother her, shared she actually has a few pet peeves that get under her skin.

She’s discussed on the show how growing up in a big family prepared her for a job that can sometimes be pretty brutal. She grew up with four brothers and has mentioned in a few instances about how the family lets it all hang out.

Although Scott seems to let everything roll off her back, she’s shown her tender side a few times on the show. Scott revealed her brother died from a brain tumor, which reminded her to take advantage of each day. She was also one of the only crew members who said goodbye to Chef Mila Kolomeitseva when the disgraced chef was fired.

But don’t do this around Scott

Even though Scott is chill, she has a few pet peeves. She explained why she decided to post about them. “A lot of you messaged me when I vented my frustration about people who continually bump into you in line at the airport, LIKE CAN YOU NOT LEARN FROM THE FIRST BUMP THAT I AM IN FACT THERE AND TO STOP BEFORE YOU HIT ME NEXT TIME!? Twenty times and a few hard stares later still no,” she wrote on Instagram.

So she launched into what could annoy her. “My biggest one is people who chew or talk in a way that you can hear their spit moving around. Makes me feel ill,” she remarked.

But wait, there’s more. “And Second would be people who leave one square of toilet paper on so they don’t have to change it, IT’LL TAKE YOU TWO SECONDS TO CHANGE!?!? Don’t even get me going on people who leave dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is literally at your hip.” 

She agrees with these too

Instagram followers quickly joined Scott on her list. Many listed their pet peeves and Scott commiserated with followers. “Not putting the top on the toothpaste tube,” one person remarked. Scott responded, “Yes!!” And,” or leave a blob in the sink.”

Another person used Scott’s first comment as a springboard. “People chewing with their mouths open and people who don’t understand personal space,” another person added. Scott totally agreed. “Mouths open is the worst,” she wrote.

Other pet peeves included being interrupted, cutting in line, and neighbors letting their dog bark out of control.