What is Former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Host Tom Bergeron’s Net Worth?

Tom Bergeron was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts on May 6, 1955. As one of America’s most beloved television personalities, Bergeron has had a successful career in entertainment.

From Good Morning America to game shows like Hollywood Squares, competition shows like Dancing With the Stars, and reality series like America’s Funniest Home Videos, Bergeron has truly done it all.

As an established TV host in the entertainment industry, Bergeron has quite an impressive net worth.

Tom Bergeron
Tom Bergeron | The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

Tom Bergeron did radio first 

Before he became the well-known host that he is today, Bergeron got his start in radio and public television.

Bergeron worked as a DJ at WHAV Radio in his hometown of Haverhill. By the 1980’s, Bergeron had become known in his community as a local DJ. He played music and interviewed artist of all kinds, honing his ability to speak to talent.

WBZ Radio in Boston noticed Bergeron’s knack for entertaining the public, so they gave him his own show — aptly named The Tom Bergeron Show — in the early 1990s. Bergeron also took on several commentating and reporting jobs during this time. All of those experiences eventually allowed him to break into the television landscape. 

Tom Bergeron is the host with the most

Bergeron made his television debut on the game show Granite State College. The WHEN-TV program put teams of four New Hampshire high school students against each other to answer various questions and test their knowledge.

After his time on Granite State College, Bergeron continued to do more television, honing is craft and becoming the host we know today.

Eventually, Bergeron replaced host Buzz Luttrell on People Are Talking — a series that Oprah Winfrey once co-hosted in Baltimore. 

Bergeron helped changed the morning television format

Throughout his career, Bergeron hosted several morning talk shows, including Breakfast Time in 1994. He co-hosted the show with Bob, who just happened to be a puppet.

The morning news show was coveted by many, mostly because its format was unlike any other. The LA Times called Breakfast Time “choreographed chaos” because it was just the kind of “grand nonsense” people who had just rolled out of bed wanted to see in the morning. 

Breakfast Time was a show for people “who roll out of bed hungering for fun, not headlines,” and Bergeron played a large role in making it that. 

After seeing how well Bergeron performed on Breakfast Time, ABC executives wanted him on Good Morning America. 

Tom Bergeron became part of America’s family

Today, many people are most familiar with Bergeron’s work as a television host. He has hosted several family-oriented shows throughout his career. From 1998 to 2004, he hosted the hilarious tic-tac-toe inspired game Hollywood Squares.

During that time, Bergeron was also hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos. The series, which celebrated the humor found in the average American home, featured Bergeron from 2001 to 2019.

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Then, in 2005, Bergeron joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars. The network recently announced that Bergeron would not return for the next season of the dance competition — news that saddened many fans.

Tom Bergeron’s net worth 

As one of the most successful television hosts in the world, Bergeron has a substantial net worth. In 2020, Bergeron’s net worth was estimated to be $16 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth