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Yakima native Kyle MacLachlan brings movie star good looks and idiosyncratic sensibility to every part he plays.

In the wake of his cinematic debut as Paul Atreides in the 1984 movie, Dune, MacLachlan was personally picked by director David Lynch to star in additional film and television projects, including Blue Velvet, Fire Walk with Me, and Twin Peaks.

Has his association with Lynch made MacLachlan a wealthy man? Here’s what we found out:

MacLachlan’s formative years

Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle MacLachlan | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Kyle Merritt MacLachlan aspired to the stage from a very young age, enacting scenes from his favorite Hardy Boys books before he was out of grade school.

In high school, the actor TV Guide described as possessing “everyman good looks and a pleasant, offbeat demeanor” played the male lead character, Henry Higgins, in a well-received production of My Fair Lady.

And then came David Lynch

Not long after graduating cum laude from with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Washington, MacLachlan met the man who’d change his life forever.

Although he’d never seen a movie camera up close and personal before, the six-foot-tall actor aced his first audition for filmmaker David Lynch after the director gave him a pep talk.

According to IndieWire magazine, MacLachlan’s nervousness about the audition was soothed when the Eraserhead auteur told him, “‘You’re gonna be great, it’s gonna be great, you’re gonna be fine. I know you can do it.”

And he did. Although Dune was not a box office smash, it opened the door to future collaboration between the actor and esteemed director.

In 1987, MacLachlan appeared in another Lynch film, and this time, critics noticed. Blue Velvet was nominated for numerous awards, including Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen by the Writers Guild of America, and Best Film by the New York Film Critics.

MacLachlan’s bankability as a movie and television star increased exponentially during the 1990s. In ’90 and ’91, he appeared in every episode of Lynch’s uneasy series, Twin Peaks. In 1991, MacLachlan turned in a damn fine performance as keyboard maestro, Ray Manzarek, in Oliver Stone’s over-the-top homage to rock ‘n’ roll excess, The Doors.

The year after that, MacLachlan returned to the Lynch fold in the Twin Peaks prequel, Fire Walk With Me.

Small screen income

Between 1998, when MacLachlan joined the cast of Sex and the City as Charlotte’s former husband, Trey MacDougal, and 2004, when he signed on with Desperate Housewives, MacLachlan, met and married Desiree Gruber. Today, the pair are raising a son, Callum, who was born in 2008.

So, what is Kyle MacLachlan’s net worth?

Movies and television are not the only things that have earned money for MacLachlan over the years. He’s made no mention of retiring for now, but he has set up shop in the Washington state winemaking business.

According to his Pursued By Bear website, MacLachlan’s interest in wine goes back to the 1980s. Today, wines bearing the Pursued By Bear label bring in no less than $60 per bottle.

As a side note, the name of MacLachlan’s winery was suggested by The Wonder Years actor, Fred Savage, and refers to the only stage direction ever written into a Shakespeare play, explains IMDb.

Movies, wine, and good investments have paid off handsomely for MacLachlan. We were unable to determine his exact salary for his work in movies such as Blue Velvet, Fire Walk With Me, Dune, or Showgirls, but reliable sources peg the attractive actor’s current wealth at between 33 and $5 million. Factor in Mrs. MacLachlan’s income as executive producer of Project Runway, and it’s safe to say that Kyle is a very wealthy man, indeed.

Factor in Mrs. MacLachlan’s income as executive producer of Project Runway, and it’s safe to say that Kyle is a very wealthy man, indeed.