What is YouTube Star, Joe Santagato’s Net Worth?

Joe Santagato, 26, has made a career out of discussing other people on the internet. The YouTube funny man is famed for his video series “Idiots of the Internet” and his sarcastic commentary on everything from dating to school. For the better part of four years, the YouTuber uploaded videos every week, but he has since stepped back from the platform to pursue podcasting and a telecommunication venture, but his videos still amass hits daily. So, what is YouTube Star, Joe Santagato’s net worth, and what is he up to now?

Joe Santagato’s YouTube career

Santagato created his YouTube channel on May 14, 2014. Originally his videos were short clips of the YouTuber making fun of everything from dating to internet trends. In September 2014, Santagato uploaded the video “Idiots of the Internet.” The video went viral and has amassed more than six million views.  He later turned the video into a series with 15 installments.

Between 2014 and 2018 Santagato has uploaded 172 videos with varying formats. Many of his videos feature his siblings and friends, whether they are playing a board game or performing a skit.  Santagato founded a second channel to share his daily life in vlogs and later went on to create a channel to host videos from his podcasts.

Joe Santagato takes a YouTube break to focus on podcasts

In 2018 Santagato stepped back from YouTube and suspended his weekly uploading schedule to focus more on his budding podcasting career. Currently Santagato hosts The Basement Yard with co-host Danny LoPriore, a former Vine star. He also co-hosts Other People’s Lives, a podcast that focuses on interviewing individuals with alternative interests or lifestyles, with Greg Dybec, an author from Huntington Station, NY.

Santagato is also involved in a podcast by the name of Veteran’s Minimum. The show focuses on sports, sports betting and current professional sports news. The podcast is hosted by Santagato and a group of his childhood friends.

Santagato gets involved with telecom company Wing

In October 2017 Santagato, along with three others including co-host Dybec, launched Wing, a cell phone provider that offers a contract-free telecommunication experience. The company allows users to change their data plan at will, bring their own phone, and manage their account from a simple app. Wing aims to disrupt the major phone companies in the space, according to Fox 5. Based in New York, the company has users in all 50 states. 

What is Joe Santagato’s net worth?

While Santagato has his hands in several different businesses, his net worth is reported to be around $300,000. The YouTube star makes roughly $13,000 per month in advertising revenue, according to Social Blade. Now that the star has stepped back from YouTube, he is likely making less off ad revenue than in prior years. Santagato has an income stream that stretches beyond YouTube. Between podcast sponsors, a growing Patreon account and his investment in Wing, the funnyman is poised to add to his net worth each year.

Santagato currently resides in Queens. He comes from a tight-knit family and is the youngest of four children. Santagato has been dating Sammy Rickey, an Instagram personality, since November 2014.