What Jodie Comer Thinks About Her Role in ‘The White Princess’

Before the infamous King Henry VIII ruled on the English throne, his parents did first. Henry VII and Elizabeth of York would unite the country and end the great cousin’s war known as The War of the Roses. Lancaster and York were quarreling over who had the right to rule England. The marriage between Henry and Elizabeth brought peace to the countryside and changed the course of history. The White Princess takes a look at the marriage between the two monarchs.

The story of Elizabeth of York

Jodie Comer
Jodie Comer | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Many stories have been told about Henry, but not many have been told of the great love of his life, his adoring wife. The White Princess takes a deep dive into history and explores the relationship between Henry and Elizabeth. The series is based on Philippa Gregory’s novels and follows after The White Queen, the first installment in the series based on Elizabeth’s mother’s reign as queen.

Why Jodie Comer thinks the series is so special

Jodie Comer stars as Elizabeth of York, or Lizzie, the strong-willed woman who vehemently opposed the marriage to her husband at first. The eight-part series features Jacob Collins-Levy as King Henry VII. The unique aspect of the story is that it’s from the viewpoint of women, and the struggles they endure in a world ruled by men.

Comer spoke with Parade.com about the show and why it is so special to her. “One of the most exciting things about doing this show is it’s told from the perspective of women, which I think is so special, especially in a time when women were expected to take a backseat,” explained Comer. “In The White Princess, the women are leading the story and they’re holding everything together. It’s definitely a world of women’s empowerment. I think, in history, we often see a false representation of women. The men are always the successors and, supposedly of their own merit, which I don’t believe to be true. It’s nice to tell this from a whole different point.”

A beloved queen of England

The White Princess
Jacob Collins-Levy and Jodie Comer | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for STARZ

Comer’s character was a beloved queen of her time. She would go on to have immense influence over her husband and he truly trusted her counsel. The show does an excellent job of weaving their lives together into a great love affair.

“The thing that was kind of amazing about playing Lizzie is I could gather so much information,” said Comer. “I knew she was a very loved queen, she was very kind, and that went a long way, and everybody lived to know or tell a tale of her. She also was very driven and ambitious, and she did counsel with Henry very much. But then a lot of it, I was free to put my mark on. When it comes to characteristics and mannerisms, that was all just up to my own instinct, really.”

The story takes place over a number of years

Comer enjoyed playing the queen that stole Henry’s heart. She explained to Digital Spy that the show is a period drama unlike any other. “It takes place over a seven-year period, so it’s really quite interesting to play. Lizzie at the beginning of the series is a young woman, and by the end, she’s matured. She’s had to go through so many things.” Learn more about Henry VIII’s mother and the queen who captured the heart of the king. The White Princess is available to fans through Starz.