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What Lies Below is the latest thriller to hit Netflix. The movie features Trey Tucker as John Smith. Here’s what we know about the actor and what else he’s been in.

Trey Tucker
Trey Tucker | David Livingston/Getty Images

Trey Tucker didn’t plan on pursuing an acting career

Tucker didn’t start his professional journey thinking he would become an actor. He initially worked in IT. But when his friends convinced him he could be a model, he decided to make a career change. 

“I was a coder,” Tucker told Ain’t It Cool. “I wrote software for several years, and then I finally just decided that I hated doing that, at least on its own. I had enough people telling me, ‘You should give the modeling and the acting stuff a go.’”

Tucker said he enjoyed taking part in local theater productions as a child. So, for him, acting wasn’t a foreign concept.

“I loved performing as a kid,” he revealed. “I grew up doing church plays and school plays and the whole bit, and it just kind of came back into interest. I decided it was something I would love to really give a solid go. And here we are.”

He was in a handful of projects before ‘What Lies Below’

Before being cast as John Smith, Mena Suvari’s charming and mysterious boyfriend in What Lies Below, Tucker was a model. He eventually went on to appear in a handful of TV and film projects. 

In 2017, Tucker played Harrison Lane in The Space Between Us, opposite Academy Award winner Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, and Carla Gugino. He went on to star in the TV movie, The Neighborhood Nightmare and later appeared in The Matchmaker’s Playbook and The Outpost.

Trey Tucker dreams of becoming a physicist

What Lies Below made it to the top of Netflix’s trending list within weeks of its release. And the film’s growing popularity is making Tucker a fan favorite. 

But becoming a famous actor isn’t what Tucker dreams of. When talking to Ain’t It Cool, he admitted he’s passionate about science and physics and would love to become a theoretical physicist someday. 

“My fantasy is to be a theoretical physicist,” Tucker said. “I intend to go back to school for that. I’m in the middle of shooting a show called Heels for Starz right now. Depending on how that schedule continues to go, that’s on the docket. But if I could go ahead and have that done just by snapping my fingers, I sure as hell would.”


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As Tucker revealed, he is currently working on Heels. The series stars Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig as two brothers vying to take over their father’s wrestling legacy. On his Instagram page, Tucker posted a still from the show, and revealed he will portray a wrestler named Bobby Pin. 

“Bobby Pin may be a rookie, but he’s a pro at being the nicest guy around,” he wrote. “Meet Bobby. A newbie wrestler in the Duffy Wrestling League. I think yall are going to really love this show. Almost as much as Bobby loves wrestling.”