What Måneskin Means in English and How to Pronounce the Italian Rock Group’s Name

At the upcoming 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, the Italian band Måneskin is expected to perform. The music group is also nominated for Best New Artist and Best Alternative. Here’s more information about Måneskin and the Italian rock group’s name.

Thomas Raggi, Victoria De Angelis, Damiano David and Ethan Torchio of Måneskin visit the SiriusXM Studios
Måneskin | Noam Galai/Getty Images

More information about Måneskin’s name

There are four members in Måneskin: Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio.

David is the band’s lead vocalist, De Angelis is a bassist, Raggi plays guitar, and Torchio is the band’s drummer.

In an interview with CNN, the band members explained the background and pronunciation of the band’s name.

When asked, all of them answered that “Moan-Ah-Skin” is the correct pronunciation of Måneskin.

De Angelis then revealed that the name Måneskin means “moonlight.”

“It means moonlight. I picked it when we first started playing because we needed to join this musical competition, and we didn’t have a name yet, so they just told me just say random words in Danish, and we chose one,” De Angelis told CNN.

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How Måneskin rose to fame

Måneskin began to achieve mainstream success after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. In the interview with CNN, David explained why the Eurovision helped kick off Måneskin’s career.

“I think for us Eurovision came at a very right moment because we had just come out with an album, so what we brought to Eurovision was basically just one of the things of the whole album and it was fresh, and it was super authentic for us,” David said.

He continued, “So, I think that people were happy to find a lot of coherence between what we brought to Eurovision and what they saw in our catalogue, and they felt like, OK, this is not just a viral song that they made specifically for Eurovision, but it’s just one of their songs and then they have two albums, and it all makes sense.”

The singer also explained that Eurovision helped introduce Måneskin to a wider audience.

“I think that was our first actual window outside of Italy. Since that moment we were only basing our projects for Italy and on Italy and that was the chance to break out in Europe, then from Europe to the US, and we hope to grow more and more,” David told CNN.

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The band will perform at the 2022 MTV VMAs

The 2022 MTV VMAs will take place on Aug. 28 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The award show will air on MTV, MTV2, and other ViacomCBS networks including VH1, Comedy Central, and the CW.

At the award show, Måneskin is expected to perform their song “SUPERMODEL.” The band is also making history as the first Italian act to ever be nominated in a main category at the MTV VMAs.

Måneskin is nominated for Best New Artist and Best Alternative. The complete list of nominations can be viewed here.

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