What Mark Cuban Hates The Most On ‘Shark Tank’ May Surprise You

Mark Cuban of Shark Tank makes a priority of spending time with his wife and three kids. A hands-on family man, the tech guru strives to instill strong values and a solid work ethic in his children while nurturing their ideas and creativity.

Cuban takes pride in how the business-themed reality show brings families together and inspires kids to develop their own business concepts, which is why it’s surprising that he named this as what he hates the most about Shark Tank.

“Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Tony Rivetti

Influence of ‘Shark Tank’

Though the billionaire investor has plenty to keep him busy outside of the Tank including his tech company, NBA basketball team, film productions, and portfolio of investments, Cuban is motivated by the positive influence Shark Tank has and how it unites people of all ages.

“The reason I do it is, here I am on Laguna Beach, on vacation and a couple of people want to come up with their 10-year-old and I know they don’t want to talk basketball,” the business icon shared in 2015, according to the Dallas Morning News. “They’re so proud of the fact that as a family they can watch a show together that gets their kids excited about business. They all say the same thing, ‘You guys make kids excited about being an entrepreneur. You guys make being an entrepreneur cool.'”

Cuban recognizes the power that Shark Tank brings to viewers by inspiring them to actively pursue their goals. “The ability to have that impact on this country is probably bigger than anything I can do independently of this show,” he said. “To be able to convey the message that the American dream is alive and well, we have people who come on the show and stand on that carpet and if they can start a business you can too.”

The Dallas Mavericks owner is energized by being a part of something that benefits others and even changes lives. “However you connect yourself to the people pitching us on the show, it gets you excited to start a business or gives you the confidence to do that – where else am I going to get the chance to do that?” Cuban said. “It’s incredible. So no matter how much work it is, to me it’s not just the fun thing to do it’s the right thing to do.”

Skip the sob story

While Cuban’s amiable personality is apparent on the show, he doesn’t hesitate on speaking his mind. “When you see me go off, it’s real,” Cuban said. “That’s why I have so many faces because it’s an honest and real reaction.”

Some contestants tend to get long-winded in their pitches which is a turnoff for the reality star, preferring to stick to a certain rule of thumb. “I have a rule in business and I use it anytime anyone ever pitches me and I recommend you use it and everyone listening uses this rule,” he shared. “The longer the story, the worse the deal.”

Cuban also eschews those who get overemotional in the tank, despite his fellow Sharks often being moved by dramatic tales of aspiring entrepreneurs. “If someone starts a pitch with a sob story, always walk away. Have a second thought,” he advises. “That’s why you see me roll my eyes when all this stuff comes out. While some of the other Sharks like it, I hate it.”

No children or four-legged creatures

Though Cuban is often encouraging young people to pursue their dreams, he’d rather not see kids entering the Tank. “I hate when we have kids on,” he told Grantland writer Zach Lowe in 2015 on Lowe’s podcast, according to Business Insider. “Hate, hate, hate. Kids and animals. Kids and animals are the worst. The worst, the worst, the worst… There’s always some relationship between the kid and the adult.”

The Shark Tank star went on to explain that he feels kids are falsely represented as entrepreneurs when they are really just mascots for the company their parent launched.

Cuban also isn’t crazy about having to watch what he says in front of children who appear on the show, where he’s limited in expressing his true thoughts on a pitch. “You just can’t be honest,” he said.

Despite the tech guru’s misgivings, Shark Tank is sure to see many more pint-sized entrepreneurs pitching on the infamous carpet!