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Bethenny Frankel is still greatly missed by loyal fans of Real Housewives of New York. Since announcing her departure from the reality show in August, Frankel has been focusing on her Bstrong foundation as well as new programming she’s developing with media mogul Mark Burnett.

The Skinnygirl founder has worked her way to the top, using her entrepreneurial spirit to guide her successful path. To celebrate the fruits of her labor when she first made a substantial profit, Frankel decided to treat herself to something very timely. 

Bethenny Frankel at "Mornings With Maria" at Fox Business Network Studios
Former ‘RHONY’ star Bethenny Frankel | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Bstrong is Bethenny Frankel’s priority

Now devoting all of her time and energy to her her Bstrong foundation, Frankel has been working tirelessly to bring medical supplies and aid for those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Using her well-followed social media platforms to raise donations for necessary items, the former reality star has made significant contributions to those affected by the coronavirus.

Despite her success in rallying donors, Frankel prefers not to turn to friends when seeking funds for a cause. 

“I don’t really ask my friends to donate,” she told InStyle last year. “It’s not one of those things where it’s, ‘I came to your party, you have to come to my party.’ I don’t see it like that.” 

Frankel doesn’t take it personally if those close to her choose to give to a different charity, and makes a priority of being completely transparent on where the money she receives is going. 

“If you want to donate to my relief initiative, the money is going to a great place, and that’s wonderful,” the RHONY alum stated. “If you want to donate somewhere else or to your own initiative, great. This isn’t a competition. I’m grateful for anything that anyone does, and there’s a lot of people who donated because they want to feel like they’re actually giving the money directly to people.”

Bethenny Frankel treats herself

The Skinnygirl mogul has been building brands for years. Hitting success with the Bravo TV franchise and her beverage company, Frankel remembers the early years when she tried her hand at other ventures and decided to indulge a bit from her profits.  

It was years ago, when I was selling pashmina—I was one of the largest initial importers of pashmina, [and my company was] called Princess Pashminas,” Frankel recalled. “I purchased a Cartier watch from someone, but then I went broke again.” 

Frankel didn’t stay down long and selected another blinged bauble when her beverage brand hit it big. “Years later, I purchased a retail-priced, crystal-encrusted Louboutin bag in Dallas when I did my Skinnygirl Cocktail deal,” she said.

‘Real Housewives’ star is teaching her daughter about finances

Frankel is quite vocal on her daughter Bryn being her top priority. The RHONY alum has learned over the years the importance of hard work and hopes to model that for her 10-year-old. 

“I’m leading by example. She knows that I value money and she knows that it gets you incredible experiences,” Frankel shared. “I make her express her gratitude, and I want to show her people who are less than fortunate. I think it’s a well-rounded example, and I think that she’s getting it. Her mom works.”

Though Frankel puts in much more than a 9-5 day, she makes quality time with her daughter free from distractions. The former reality star also emphasizes to Bryn that their many privileges come from Frankel keeping her nose to the grindstone.  


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“I don’t work when I’m with her, but I let her know that we can do all these amazing things because of how much I work,” Frankel said. “She knows how lucky she is.”