What Tamar Braxton Regrets About ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Despite Her History-Making Win

Tamar Braxton may be known for her time on Braxton Family Values, but she made history by winning Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother. Though Braxton is proud of her win, her major regret is not walking away with better relationships with more of her housemates, who often complained that she was too dramatic.

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton on ‘Big Brother:Celebrity Edition’ 2019 | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Tamar Braxton makes history with her win on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Braxton is the first Black person to win the show. Alongside her runner-up, Ricky Williams, she was part of the first time two Black contestants made it to the final two.

Of her historical feat, she told TV Guide, “Not only to win Big Brother but to be the first African-American and on top of that be a female and on top of that win by a sweep. It’s just like, What!?… I’m so grateful.’”

There are several other history-making moments for Braxton. She’s only the second to win by a unanimous vote. Every jury member voted for Braxton to win over Williams. After the show’s finale, host Julie Chen noted that Season 10 winner Dan Gheesling is the only person who has won unanimously at the end. 

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Furthermore, Braxton broke a major superstition: the first person to enter the house never wins. Fanatics of the show are familiar with the idea. Braxton admits she’s a Big Brother superfan, but ironically, she forgot. 

“Because I’m on the show, I forgot about that! Can you believe that?,” she said. “Because I definitely wouldn’t have walked in the Big Brother house first. Come on — I know better! For me, I think it could be a curse, but it depends on the person. Last night proves that.”

The reality star says she became too emotional throughout the competition

During the finale, Braxton and Williams were asked a series of questions from their former opponents. The purpose of such is for each person to cast their vote for the winner.

Natalie Eva Marie asked Braxton if she had any regrets. Braxton admits that she allowed her emotions to get the best of her, which impacted her relationships with her housemates.

“I believe my biggest regret was getting too emotional,” she said. “Sometimes I let my emotions overshadow me trusting in the people that I should have been trusting into and I believe that if I didn’t get so emotional I would have made more friends in the house just to have outside of the house. And also, I would have been able to see more clearly.”

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During the competition, Braxton had several major blowups, most notably with Lolo Jones who was one of her roommates. Jones often felt antagonized by Braxton. 

She also had an emotional conversation with Kandi Burruss, who was her longtime frenemy. Burruss and Braxton discussed the breakdown of their friendship and made amends, eventually forming an alliance. 

Braxton also argued with Kato Kaelin when she was nominated to be put on the block. One of her biggest confrontations was with Jonathan Bennett, who Braxton felt used manipulation tactics during the competition.