What This ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Said About Having Rob Kardashian as a Partner

ABC’s competition show Dancing With The Stars has seen its share of celebs. From pro athletes to reality stars, the series remains a fan favorite for its glitz and glamour and inevitable dramas that end up playing out.

Rob Kardashian of the infamous Kardashian empire appeared on DWTS in Season 13. The sometimes-reality star did better than most expected, finishing in second place. His dancing partner has commented over the years on the famous family member as a partner.

Rob Kardashian | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Tough times

Rob is known as the Kardashian that shies away from the spotlight. Usually attempting to fly under the radar, Rob went for business instead of the reality route over the years, founding the sock company Arthur George in 2015. The entrepreneur did have some time in the spotlight due to his previous relationship with model Blac Chyna. The two were briefly engaged and share 3-year-old daughter Dream, but parted ways at the end of 2016.

The past few years have been a bit rocky for Rob. According to W Magazine, he had to sell half of his company to his mom, Kris Jenner, due to financial instability. His public breakup with Blac Chyna prompted a custody battle, where Rob is now seeking primary custody of Dream and accuses his ex of alcohol and drug abuse, as reported by People.

Rob’s numbers on the scale have also made headlines in the past, having gained a significant amount of weight over the years. He is reportedly now striving to slim down, focusing on healthy eating for the sake of his daughter. He may possibly be aiming for the physique he maintained while on Dancing With The Stars.

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Support from a dancing pro

On Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars, Rob was paired with Cheryl Burke. The dancing pro revealed that the reality star was underestimated when he was announced as a contestant.

“When I had Rob Kardashian, when I danced with him or Jack Osbourne, it was awesome because people were like: ‘Oh, these people are going to be gone by week two, week three,’” Burke told People in 2016. “And then we take them all the way to the finals and you get more credit for actually doing that than winning another [Mirror]ball.” 

After clinching second place on the show, Rob faded from the spotlight and began to gain an excessive amount of weight, yet Burke didn’t see the change as a cause for alarm. “Look, everyone fluctuates,” Burke said of Rob. “I’m surprised that he’s making it a bigger deal than it is. I think that’s it’s fine.”

Keep up with your health

While singing his praises, Burke expressed her confusion as to why Rob felt he had to remain out of the spotlight for so long. “Why does he have to go into hiding or why isn’t he coming out? I think it’s not a big deal,” the Dancing With The Stars pro shared. “I know Rob really well, he’s a normal guy and he’s so sweet, and I just don’t think that he has anything to be insecure about.”

While Burke wasn’t too concerned about Rob’s physical changes, she did acknowledge that he needed to be accountable for health reasons. “I say: ‘Just own it Rob, get out there.’ I think with Rob and his situation he can definitely come out and own it a little more,” she said. “It just happens, it’s not like he’s so obese he can’t walk. He’s good. He’s chill. I say: ‘Own it, but still be healthy.’ Obviously if he’s not healthy there’s something wrong.”

With Rob’s reported recommitment to his health for 2020, fans will hopefully be seeing the youngest Kardashian more often!