What Time Will New ‘One Piece’ Episodes Be on Netflix? (July 2022)


  • New episodes of One Piece are coming to Netflix around midnight on July 22.
  • Netflix will not add more episodes of the anime in August 2022.
  • The streamer’s live-action adaptation of One Piece is currently in production.
Key art for 'One Piece,' which is bringing more episodes to Netflix in July 2022. The left side features Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats and the right side features the 'One Piece' logo.
Key art for ‘One Piece’ | Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

One Piece is currently making its way through its 20th season, but those hoping to catch up on the anime’s previous outings may find themselves scouring streaming services for episodes. As of this writing, Netflix has 10 seasons of the long-running series available on its platform. More One Piece episodes will join its library on July 22. What time can fans expect them?

New episodes of ‘One Piece’ are coming to Netflix at midnight PT

That’s right, more episodes of One Piece are coming to Netflix on July 22. The streamer confirmed as much earlier this month, and it’s been adding new seasons of the anime regularly since May. Currently, 10 of them can be found on the platform. But several more could join its library when its July drop takes place.

As for what time subscribers can look for new content, Netflix typically releases shows and films around 12:01 a.m. PST. Since the company hasn’t stated otherwise, it’s probably safe to assume One Piece will arrive around midnight. That means fans will wake up to more adventures from Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats.

Of course, we’ll have to enjoy this latest addition to Netflix’s library. It sounds like the streamer won’t be getting more episodes of One Piece in August 2022.

Netflix is not releasing more ‘One Piece’ episodes in August 2022

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Although One Piece fans can look forward to more episodes on July 22, they’ll have to wait longer than usual for Netflix’s next batch. The streaming platform has added three seasons of the series on the 22nd of every month since May. However, it looks like it’s taking a break in August 2022.

Netflix’s August lineup (via Decider) doesn’t mention One Piece. As such, we might need to wait until September or later for more episodes to arrive on the platform.

That could be because Netflix is catching up to the anime’s current outing. If it drops another three seasons in July, that leaves six seasons until it’s caught up (not including the currently airing one).

And although Netflix has reason to get fans caught up on the anime — its upcoming live-action series will surely be here before we know it — it might want to spread its additions out a bit. After all, its adaptation still has no release date. Fortunately, it looks like production on the live-action One Piece is coming along nicely.

When is Netflix’s live-action ‘One Piece’ coming out?

Netflix’s live-action One Piece has yet to receive an official release date, but its presentation at Geeked Week 2022 suggests the cast and crew are making headway. They showed off some of the major sets during their Geeked Week time slot, and the ships look like they’ve been pulled straight from the anime. It’s a promising tease of what’s to come, even if we still don’t know when the first season will debut.

With production still underway, the best bet is sometime in 2023. Assuming Netflix continues to add new One Piece episodes in the meantime, the streamer should be able to catch up by then. Hopefully, it’ll drop more seasons sometime this fall.

For now, fans can enjoy whatever new chapters drop on the platform on July 22.

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