What to Expect From the Next Season of TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ – ‘He Told Me Boys Ovulate Just Like a Woman’

TLC’s Unexpected, which documents the lives of expectant teen moms and dads, returns for season 4 on Dec. 20 at 10 p.m. EST. Before the season premiere, fans can tune in to TLC GO’s digital series Baby Bumps on Dec. 13, Broadway World reports, in order to get to know the cast and learn more about their stories.

Here’s everything you need to know about the five young couples appearing on Unexpected season 4.

Tyra and Alex

Tyra and Alex, both 19, are one of the two returning Unexpected couples this season. Teen mom Tyra recently started college, which escalates the ongoing trust issues between the pair.

“Going to school has put strain on me and Alex’s relationship,” Tyra admits in the Unexpected preview.

Meanwhile, Alex confesses that he struggles with jealousy while his girlfriend is away at college classes.

“I wonder if she’s with another dude right now,” he laments.

Lilly and Lawrence

Lilly (a returning cast member from Unexpected season 1) is 19 and pregnant for the second time this season. But this is her first child with her boyfriend, 19-year-old Lawrence. While Lawrence and Lilly are in love, Lawrence isn’t completely sure he’s ready to be a dad.

“He’s in for a ride,” Lilly says in the teaser trailer.

Lawrence, who seems more than a little overwhelmed, even says in one clip: “I don’t think it’s gonna work out.”

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Jenna and Aden

The first of three new Unexpected couples on the upcoming season is Jenna, 16, and her boyfriend Aden, 17.

Aden, who met Jenna in sixth grade, admits in the season 4 preview that their teen pregnancy was anything but accidental – at least for him.

“It’s kind of fun to take the risk and not use any protection,” he confesses. And he wasn’t above lying and using Jenna’s lack of education about sexual health to get what he wanted from his girlfriend.

“Aden told me boys ovulate just like a woman does,” Jenna reveals.

“Yeah, I lied to her,” the teen laughs in response.

After she gets pregnant, Jenna has to drop out of her ultra-religious Catholic school and attend school online. Luckily, her dad is supportive of the expecting mom, so she has someone in her corner.

Myrka and Ethan

Myrka and Ethan, both 16, will deal with heart-wrenching problems with their families on Unexpected season 4. After Myrka’s mom kicks her out upon finding out about her surprise pregnancy, the teen has to move in with Ethan’s family – but she isn’t giving up her relationship with her mom without a fight.

“Let’s make one thing clear,” Myrka’s mom says in the trailer. “I didn’t kick her out. She kicked herself out the moment that she decided she was going to be sexually active.”

Ethan’s mom says in no uncertain terms that she thinks that stance is heartless. “I just don’t think that I could kick my daughter out if she was pregnant,” she tells producers.

Reanna and Taron

The youngest mom-to-be on Unexpected season 4 is Reanna, 15, who will soon make her 33-year-old mom a grandma.

Reanna and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Taron, are fighting nonstop (and eventually stop speaking altogether) due to trust issues and Reanna’s recent move over an hour away.

“You know I haven’t done anything with anybody else,” Reanna tells Taron in the season preview. “You have!”

Taron admits that he was unfaithful, sheepishly confessing: “I did have sex with another girl.”

In response, Reanna storms out in a rage, exclaiming to her baby’s father, “I can’t stand you!”