What to Watch for During ‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!’

The world is changing — but is The Bachelor franchise? Recently, fans and former contestants have been raising their voices about the lack of diversity on The Bachelor and its many popular spinoffs. The franchise has been criticized for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about people of color. However, not much has changed in 18 years. Now, as ABC gears up to premiere The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! on June 8, The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay pointed out viewers will be able to examine the franchise’s issues with diversity and race if they choose to watch the best-of series.

What is ‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!’ about?

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! is a 10-episode spinoff highlighting the “most iconic romantic moments and jaw-dropping drama” in the franchise’s history, per ABC. As expected, Chris Harrison will host the show from The Bachelor mansion. He will also video chat with former cast members to catch up on their lives today. The new series premieres Monday, June 8, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Rachel Lindsay explains how ‘The Bachelor’ franchise treats people of color

Rachel Lindsay attends the Build Series to discuss 'The Bachelorette' at Build Studio on September 30, 2019 in New York City.
Rachel Lindsay | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

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Recently, Lindsay revealed she would leave The Bachelor franchise if they do not address the lack of diversity. Then in an Honestly Rach blog post published on June 8, the former bachelorette delved deeper into why. 

Initially, Lindsay explained she didn’t watch The Bachelor franchise before she appeared on the show. “It is because black people know historically and presently that the show is not formatted for their success,” she wrote.

And when she decided to become the bachelorette, Lindsay wanted to advocate for diversity on the show. Nevertheless, it’s been four years and not much has changed.

She wrote:

Yes, more diverse contestants do appear on the show now, but is the lead truly interested and open to dating outside of their race? I think that is evident by how far their “journey” takes them during each season. It is a naive expectation to believe that leads will authentically start an interracial relationship for the first time on national television. The sad reality is that people of color become placeholders as the token person of color to add some flavor to the second half of the season.

Then, in the end, Lindsay suggested The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever! will likely bring these issues to light. So if you plan to watch, it might be time to start paying attention.

“Make sure you tune in on Mondays for all the white reasons to watch The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever as it will weekly highlight the very thing that is wrong with this franchise,” Lindsay wrote.

Rachel Lindsay offers a few ways ‘The Bachelor’ franchise can achieve better diversity 

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In addition to shedding light on the problem itself, Lindsay shared a few ways for The Bachelor franchise to actively change how they view and portray diversity. This included casting leads that are genuinely willing to date outside their race and diversifying the producers working on the show. 

Lindsay also suggested the franchise needs to stop making excuses and address their issues with diversity head-on. She then noted The Bachelor needs to “stop creating problematic storylines for people of color.” And finally, Lindsay hopes the franchise will come forward and acknowledge they are part of the problem.

“The franchise should make a statement acknowledging their systemic racism,” Lindsay wrote. “The system is not designed for people of color.”

Meanwhile, when speaking with The Ringer’s Bachelor Party podcast, Lindsay offered a way for the fandom to get involved

“As a viewer, if you aren’t satisfied with what you’re seeing, you need to be vocal and you need to speak out about it,” Lindsay said. “If you want something different, then demand a change. Use your voice. I think the viewers could really make a huge impact by doing that.”

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