What ‘Today Show’s’ Willie Geist Says No One Told Him About Being A Dad

Willie Geist of the Today Show and Sunday Today is a fan favorite on the NBC morning news programs. A seasoned journalist and devoted family man, Geist often shares stories from the home front about his wife Christina and two children, Lucie, 12, and George, 10.

The journalist clearly enjoys his role as a father and has previously discussed some surprising aspects of fatherhood.

“Today Show’s” Willie Geist | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

First time around

Geist shared that the birth of his first child brought the realization of what having a daughter would mean in his life.

“The moment you’re in the delivery room with your first child, you can feel yourself turning outward rather than inward,” the Sunday Today host said in 2018, according to NBC News. “Of course before kids I tried to be unselfish with my wife and friends – but you just feel the sobering responsibility for a new person. You can’t believe that the hospital is like, ‘OK, good luck, bye!’”

The newsman was grateful for his wife’s tranquil demeanor when they were in the beginning stages of parenthood. “When Lucie had her first dirty diaper, I panicked a little – I’d never changed a diaper, not even on a doll in parenting class,” Geist revealed. “But my wife had this utter sense of calm and said, ‘Oh, your little body is working!’ I realized: One, I married well, and two, this is not a crisis, it’s a wonderful thing. Perspective.”

Geist’s priorities post-baby

The Today Show star is clearly hard-working and ambitious, yet had to restructure his priorities once his children were born.

“I view work differently than I did before,” Geist said. “Eleven years ago when I had my daughter, I always wanted to take the extra job and say yes to everything and impress my bosses. Now, more than ever, I assess what’s truly important.”

Geist knows he will one day have to send his children off into the world on their own and wants to savor the time he currently has with them. “Seven years from now, my daughter will be off to college, so sometimes you miss the professional friend’s book party to be home around the dinner table,” he said.

Geist shares what surprised him about being a dad

The father of two has no problem sharing his pride in his children, and how he values the little things he witnesses. “The most special times are when you see the things you’ve tried to instill in your children begin to flower,” Geist explained. “I love seeing Lucie stick up for George, and vice versa, and they’re very sweet with each other. But outside the house, you don’t really know exactly what goes on.”

Geist relishes hearing good reports about his children from others. “When you hear from another parent that your child has great manners, or that it was a pleasure to have them for the weekend, it feels incredible,” he said.

While the Sunday Today personality has been thrown plenty of parenting curve balls, the biggest surprise on fatherhood has been the joy the role brings.

“Being a dad is more fun than anyone told me it was going to be,” Geist revealed. “At first, you’re so overwhelmed by the responsibility, and while there are always tough times and long nights, at the end of the day it’s way more fun than not.”

Now that his children are out of the toddler stage, he’s finding his relationship with them evolving. “When they’ve gotten a little older, my kids are telling me these long, winding stories that are so funny and interesting,” Geist shared. “It’s genuinely fun. You’re never sitting there listening out of responsibility. You just truly love it.”