‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Writers Already Know the Show’s Ending

FX renewed its comedy What We Do in the Shadows for seasons 5 and 6 before season 4 even premiered. Once the cast and creators complete those two seasons, there may be even more. But, when the time comes for What We Do in the Shadows to end, they already know the ending. 

'What We Do in the Shadows' Season 4: Laszlo (Matt Berry) and Nadja (Natasia Demetriu) sit in chairs in front of candles
Matt Berry and Natasia Demetriou | Russ Martin/FX

Writers and Executive Producers Stefani Robinson and Paul Simms were on a Television Critics Association panel on June 6. They discussed the ending and future seasons of What We Do in the Shadows. Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX and the next day on Hulu.

They’ve already thought of the ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ ending 

While the ending of What We Do in the Shadows is not in sight for the time being, Simms said they have already thought of it. 

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“We have an end in mind,” Simms said. “It’s just a matter of figuring out when the right time to do it is. But we know we have at least two more seasons’ worth of stories to tell, and then we’ll figure out what happens after that.”

It’s getting harder to write ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ stories

Robinson acknowledged that vampire roommates do not supply an infinite amount of stories, even though it’s based on a movie. She related the struggles with coming up with four seasons of What We Do in the Shadows so far.

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I feel like it is a challenge. Doing a show as long as we have been doing it, four seasons, I’m speaking for myself, it’s hard to come up with scenarios in my own mind.  I guess the fun part about these characters is that they are supernatural and have lived for hundreds of years. There’s a lot to mine from their personal histories. You really could just throw sort of any backstory or any sort of wild, crazy story at these characters, and it makes sense. So, in that way, it’s really liberating, but, also, I feel like it’s hard not to go too crazy sometimes, so trying to balance out that emotionality with, I guess, some of the more wild story approaches can be a challenge.

Stefani Robinson, Television Critics Association panel, 6/6/22

They still have more ideas for two more seasons 

The challenge is part of the fun, and Simms said they have thought of more stories to fill their multi-season order. The ending of What We Do in the Shadows can wait. 

“A lot of it is we have a lot of stories we want to tell,” Simms said. “It’s just a matter of figuring out which ones fit together all in the same season so that each episode you can watch on its own and enjoy it but still have some feeling that something is going somewhere. Like, this season in particular, I think the nightclub episode is a lot of things we’ve discussed back from Season 1, and we finally found the right, sort of, venue and situation to explore.”

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