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Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West just welcomed their fourth child into the family. The new baby boy has a lot to look forward to as part of the Kardashian family.

Between Kim’s family and all of her sister’s (and their children), there are a lot of kids that are part of the Kardashian clan. That has us thinking, what’s it like growing up Kardashian? Let’s take a look at some of the great and not-so-great things about being a Kardashian kid.

Kardashian kids thrive in creative spaces

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Rich Fury/Forum Photos via Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian has gone on record several times, showing off the beautiful bedrooms of her three children. While discussing the designing process of the kid’s rooms, she told Architectural Digest: “This process is not about making a design statement. It’s about crafting spaces that foster a sense of wonder and discovery and at the same time make the kids feel totally secure and comfortably.”

Many people have commented that Kourtney’s house is very child-friendly. If you look at aerial photographs of her property, you’ll notice her children have a large outside play area, with a huge collection of ride-on toys. She has also said that she allowed the children to sleep in her bed when they were babies because it allowed everyone to get more sleep.

It seems Kim takes a different approach to children’s spaces. Instead of making the entire home children friendly, like sister Kourtney, Kim and Kanye keep their “minimal and modern” home pristine by only allowing the children to run wild in one large playroom of the house. Kim commented: “That’s where all the markers, paints and colors are. By the time they’re done there, they have no desire to take a pen to our white furniture, lol!”

Kardashian kids go on elaborate vacations

The Kardashians are often traveling around the globe. Sometimes they go without the kids, but often they take the children with, even on work trips. Travis Scott, father of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, told Rolling Stone, “We don’t let nothing come over Stormi time. Stormi Saturdays. We don’t f*** around with those. Even with me on tour, Stormi pulls up. She’ll travel. She got more stamps on her passport than a lot of motherf***ers.”

If they’re too busy for a vacation, the Kardashians encourage their nannies to take the children somewhere special. Just because the grown-ups are working, doesn’t mean the kids miss out on having globe trotting experiences.

Kardashian kids have fabulous birthday parties

When you’re a Kardashian, you can guarantee your birthday party will be one for the record books. Kardashian parents spare no expenses when it comes to their children’s parties.

In 2016, North West and cousin, Penelope Disick, had a joint mermaid-themed birthday bash. The Little Mermaid herself, Ariel, attended the party. Every detail was spot-on, from an elaborate cake to the mermaid decorations, it was a little girl’s dream.

When Kourtney threw her son Mason a birthday party, they went with a monster theme. The party included an ice skating rink, a sledding hill (complete with snow), cupcake decorating stations and more. What kid wouldn’t love a party like that?

Kardashian kids also deal with paparazzi

When your parents are famous, there are always people hanging around trying to get a picture. That must be annoying when you’re just trying to have a normal childhood. I can’t imagine being six years old and having to see photos of yourself in magazines. Talk about stressful. Although, their parents try to shield them as much as possible. For instance, no one, not even nannies are allowed to take photos of the Kardashian kids without permission.

And then there’s the security. Kardashian’s live in fully guarded homes. They keep security around at all times to protect every member of the family. You have to when you have that many fans (and unfortunately- there are also the haters). We have to wonder what that does to a kid, being constantly guarded. Does it make them feel that the world is an inherently unsafe place? But really, there isn’t another option. Their parents have to keep them safe.

Growing up Kardashian has its perks and its challenges. In that way, even though the circumstances are different, isn’t it just like any other life? Every one of us has things we love about our life, and things that suck. I guess that’s what makes us all human — even the Kardashians.