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To the dismay of fans, CBS canceled the feel-good drama, God Friended Me, in April after two seasons. Followers of the show were bummed that the God Squad would no longer be fielding friend requests every Sunday. But fortunately, the loyal audience can keep up with the cast they have come to adore as they begin to tackle new projects. And some of the former stars of God Friended Me have already landed some pretty sweet gigs.

'God Friended Me' Cast
‘God Friended Me’ Cast | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The ‘God Friended Me’ appeal

God Friended Me revolved around an atheist named Miles Finer, played by Brandon Michael. In each episode, Miles received social media friend suggestions from someone calling themselves ‘God.’

The show operated much like a case-of-the-week procedural, with Miles and his besties, Cara and Rakesh, helping the friends sent by ‘God.’ But God Friended Me also focused on the overarching mystery of who was really behind The God Account.

Although the cancellation of God Friended Me appeared somewhat abrupt to viewers, the writers were given ample notice about the fate of the show from the powers that be. As a result, the creative minds crafted a fitting ending by combining previously recorded footage and clever voiceover.

The end of ‘God Friended Me’ was bittersweet

The writers delivered a satisfying conclusion with all of the leading players’ finding resolution, peace, and happiness. And the being behind the God Account? The answer to that question lies in the hearts and minds of the fans.

The final scene of the show featured Miles on a snowy path to meet the person — or entity — that had been pulling the strings all along. The open ending left it up to each viewer to ponder what — or who — Miles met up with on that remote mountainside.

Several members of the cast and crew expressed gratitude to the fan base for sticking with the show for two seasons. “Thank you to everyone who has watched every Sunday night for the last two years, this one’s for you,” wrote God Friended Me star, Violett Beane, on Instagram the day of the finale.

Where can fans see the cast next?

God Friended Me has taken a final bow, but it’s not over for the stars. Here’s the scoop on what they have cooking these days.

Brandon Michael Hall

Movie buffs can check out Hall in The Surrogate this year. Plus, the actor pops up in the dark comedy series, Search Party, now streaming on HBOMax.

Suraj Sharma

AppleTV subscribers can catch Rakesh portrayer, Suraj Sharma, in Little America, the anthology dramedy that explores stories of immigrants living in America.

Javicia Leslie

Javicia Leslie played Miles’ sister, Ali, on God Friended Me. Now, she will take the lead as the title character in season 2 of Batwoman. The show tapped Leslie to play the Caped Crusader after Ruby Rose surprisingly exited her starring role.

Joe Morton

After years of speculation and anticipation, HBOMax will air what Justice League fans have dubbed, “The Snyder Cut.” Joe Morton, who portrayed Arthur Finer on God Friended Me will appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League as Silas Stone, father of Victor Stone, aka Cyborg.

Erica Gimple


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Fame alum, Erica Gimple, won adoration as Trish on God Friended Me. Next, she will appear in the romance movie, Sylvie’s Love, opposite Marvel Cinematic Universe star Tessa Thompson and Aja Naomi King of How to Get Away with Murder.