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Joe Rogan has always been something of an alternative masculine icon for his fanbase. He swills whiskey, smokes cigars, and thinks wearing a mask is for “b*tches.” Despite all of this Rogan seems to have had a moment or two of vanity when it comes to his hair. Rogan admitted to going in for hair transplants, which wound up scarring his head. Ultimately, Rogan doesn’t have glowing reviews for the procedure, and suggests that balding men do something else entirely. 

Joe Rogan was worried about his career 

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

When Joe Rogan started balding, his career was still highly television-centric. As a result, the podcaster was worried about how hair loss might affect his career.

“My hair was falling out, I was freaking out. I was freaking out when my hair was falling out cause I was on TV too, and I was making a living like, as an actor at the time on NewsRadio. And I thought like, oh my god, my f*cking hair is falling out,” Rogan explained.

He added that for a while, a drug was helping to keep his hair going. Rogan said, “I knew it was falling out for a while. I saved it though, with Minoxidil, and the Minixodil was hanging in there. But after a while, it was still falling out. I was like, god I gotta do something about it.”

Eventually, Rogan felt as though his only option to restore his hair was to undergo hair transplants. However, Rogan soon realized that things weren’t as easy as he thought when it comes to balding.

The results were not satisfactory 

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Joe Rogan was refreshingly frank about his decision to go for hair transplants, and the end result. He felt as though it wound up being not worth the effort, especially because of the scar it left him with.

Rogan explained, “It didn’t look good. I never looked at my hair and went, ‘Yeah!’ It was always like, oh I guess I got hair up there now, whatever.”

The comedian went on to explain that the scar his transplants left him with is something he’d rather have than the transplants itself. Rogan said, “You know, the way they do it is like a single thing, and it’s not like the old way of doing it. But they take a big strip of hair, so I like, have this big scar on the back of my head like a smile for the rest of my life. But I would rather have that. Because first of all it’s like a good public service announcement. Like if you’re thinking about doing this just look at my head.”

Joe Rogan’s advice for balding men


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Now, The Joe Rogan Experience host has a new recommendation for balding men — just accept your lack of hair and move on.  

“I should never have done anything. I should have shaved my head from the beginning. And so whenever kids ask me online, like dudes ask me, ‘I’m freaking out I’m only 18 and I’m losing my hair.’ Shave it b*tch, just deal with that. Just accept the fact that you don’t have any hair,” Rogan explained.

The comedian continued to urge listeners to accept balding and shaving their heads. He told them, “Don’t do it, just shave your head. And the other thing is that it’s almost — what you’re doing is a screwball thing. Like it seems like it might work a little, but then as you start doing it you go, oh but isn’t there options? The other option is let it be what it is, and stop freaking out. It’s better than getting knocked unconscious and they take a chunk of meat out of the back of your head and drill f*cking holes in there. It’s nuts.”